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I have noticed that when Steam rolls out changes, they do it on a Tuesday. So if you ever encounter a new issue on a Tuesday, it’s probably something on Steam’s end.

All these posts are likely to become visible when Steam resolves the underlying issue, so please continue using the forum as normal. E.g. don’t spam thinking the posts don’t matter or will be deleted.

In the meantime, there’s a trick you can use to still communicate. Quote the post that’s “awaiting analysis” and you can see what it says, even without posting anything yourself. It’s unclear if this is an intentional feature or an oversight, but it gets the job done.

I’ll pin this thread until the issue is resolved.
11 days ago - Shurenai - Direct link
Originally posted by SirunSong: My question becomes: Why am I so special that I am able to comment instantly?
You aren't. You can see your own comments; But to us it still shows as awaiting analysis.

Which, honestly, is possibly what the change was- as previously it would hide your comment from you too.