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Hi, I'm trying to figure out my control layout with how duel wield works with either heavy weapons or dagger types. I have my primary as left mouse, bow on the right mouse, heavy attack on a side mouse button and the secondary weapon on Q. My dodge is spacebar.

In battle, my brain naturally wants me to flip fast between left mouse and Q back n forth to alternate attacks (like the old hypersports arcade game)......but my Q is blocking with a tap (even though Q is only linked to secondary attack)....unless I hold Q down then I get that other weapon to finally attack, but it's messing me up because holding down the button doesn't flow right. I want it to fire when I tap Q.

Now if I use two daggers, it graphically looks like both daggers are utilized when I hit the primary left button alone....but maybe it's an illusion that both weapons are being used. So I'm kinda confused that maybe its not worth the hassle. I do have the heavy wield perk.

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Hey there @GrampaBob1!

It seems that repeatedly pressing the primary attack button will cause your secondary weapon to attack every 4th or 5th attack, but to use your secondary more often than that would require you to hold Q, as there doesn't seem to be separate key binds for block and left-handed attacks.

If you'd like though, we'd be more than happy to send up feedback for you regarding the separation of the two actions!