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Have no issues with any other game (Ubisoft or otherwise). I'll load Valhalla, play for a bit, and then it just crashes to desktop. No rhyme or reason (that I can tell). I can play for hours and hours or just recently I loaded it, played for about 3 minutes, then crash. I just started the game so am still in the early stages and in different parts of the areas (currently still in the level 20 parts).

Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

System Specs:
Win 11 Pro, 21H2
Ryzen 5600G (onboard GPU disabled via BIOS)
2070 Super
No overclocking (other than default BIOS XMP for RAM)


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Hey there, @PC_Gamer00!

As a first step, please run through our basic troubleshooting FAQ if you haven't already. You'll especially want to make sure that the game files have been verified.

Additionally, closing any background applications you may have running is generally a good start as well!

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