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I am having an issue where all jomsvikings have an invisible bow (empty bow holster, not a "hidden" bow, mind you, which also hides the holster), and invisible quiver with a single, headless arrow floating at their side. It doesn't matter who made it or what gender the jomsviking is, they all share this same issue, including my own. I'm not sure what is causing it or if other people are experiencing this bug, but it's very strange.

I will add that I spent approximately 2.5 hours randomizing my personal jomsviking when I first built the barracks, and trying different combinations of weapons and gear. (I'm very particular about character appearances in games. It bothers me that they don't let you simply pick features for your jomsviking, but that's beside the point.) I wonder if making so many changes, tinkering with it so much, somehow broke my save, affecting the way all of my jomsvikings load into the game?

I have tried repairing the game multiple times, with no success. (On PC, if that's important.)

The attachment shows both issues on the jomsviking in the forefront, and a second in the background with the invisible quiver and floating arrow shaft.

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@ansepheth Hi there, apologies for the late response.

The team is aware of this issue and looking into the matter. As soon as they have any updates to share, they will be posted to this forum. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns in the meantime.