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Hi Horsemates?

One year ago on Twitter, we asked: what if Crewmates looked like this? And this year for April Fools, we no longer need to ask "what if?" Now we can say: "Ha ha wait OH NO STOP."

Among Us Horse Mode is live NOW!

That's right - for one day only as part of our April Fools celebration, we are launching Among Us Horse Mode. This is a free update that will disappear on April 2, 12AM UTC (that's April 1, 8pm EST), so make sure you hop on and launch the game to try it out now - it'll automatically appear if you're on the latest version.

Read the full post to learn all of what this exclusive mode offers.[www.innersloth.com]

Cursed Merchandise
The chaos doesn't stop there - we've also launched an entire cursed Among Us merch line for our April Fools update, starting tomorrow. These are extremely limited edition items, so get yours while you can! There may also be some weird Impostor items on the store... don't let them fool you.

Hop onto our official store[store.innersloth.com] tomorrow to get:
  • DEAD GAME Redux T-Shirt
  • Wide Crewmate Acrylic Ruler
  • Crewgi Figurine
  • Crewmate Post-It® Notes
  • Menacing Parody Tee
  • Menacing Parody Tee (No Backpack)
  • Swolemate Enamel Pins

Have fun!

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.