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You can finally have friends in Among Us! (...Or enemies, depending on how heated your gameplay session goes.)

Friends List Here are all the Friends List features you can expect from this free update, v2022.3.29:
  • A unique friend code
  • Ability to send and receive friend requests (duh)
  • Invite friends to your own lobby
  • See who you recently played with
  • Ability to block players
  • Ability to show/hide your Friend Code (good for anyone streaming!)
  • Ability to turn off/on lobby invite notifications (toggle this in the game Settings)
Notes about the Friends List:
  • No offline/online status for friends yet
  • You can turn on/off lobby notifications
  • Child accounts will need additional permissions from their parent/guardian to access their Friends List

But that’s not it! Here are some other things you can expect with this update:
  • Removed the ability to link/unlink existing accounts – this is temporary! We need to fix up the system here since we’ve heard it can be a confusing process, so for now we are turning this feature off until the next update.
  • Screen Shake option can now be toggled On and Off
  • Cosmetics are arranged in a different order
New Items You’ve waited and they’re finally here – new collab cosmetics just dropped!

Ghostface Cosmetics:
  • Scream Mask
  • Scream Robes

You can get these by simply logging onto Among Us before April 30th to get these cosmetics automatically added to your inventory. And yes, they’re free! :D

April Fools Day
Watch out for April 1st



Hope you enjoy the new feature! As a reminder, for the next update we’re taking a step back and focusing on fixing a bunch of bugs and improving the flow of the game. Basically: don’t expect new content for the next update.

As much as we know how excited you all get about new in-game features, we really want to make sure Among Us is given the time and care it needs to function smoothly. We’ve really been playing catch up and trying to meet everyone’s demands, but in that process things have slipped that we want to improve. I’ve said this a billion times but seriously – thank you so much for sticking with us, the patience, and the encouragement. YOU THE BEST CREW I COULD ASK FOR. (Until you rudely eject me into space.)

Okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Hello all! It's everyone's favorite (?) bug smusher. Though to be fair, I don't really smush the bugs, I just take a magnifying glass to stare at the bug before and after the smushing occurs, adjusting my glasses like some megane anime villain as I do. And then I take a paper towel and gently remove the smush. And then, um, we never talk about the bug or the smushing that occurred ever again. ...AnywAY AHAHAAH LET'S TALK ABOUT BUGS SHALL WEfjkaLDfsdgjkl

  • Known bugs from this Friends List update - We're currently aware of some release bugs that are present in this new update (v2022.3.29). We will be working on getting these fixed, but for now, they are present in the new build. The biggest ones are noted on our site.[www.innersloth.com]
  • DLC Grants Ongoing - Account linking borked some accounts in November, this is true. We have been steadily and diligently rolling out grants to those of you who lose your DLC, and a huuuge chunk have been resolved at this point. As I said in the last Bug Corner, this is a manual process that takes time, so we definitely appreciate your patience!
  • SSL Bug - this was a funny little bug that our backend programmers took a flyswatter to. It was a few days of disrupted play, but all should be well now!
  • Account Reset Bug - we know this has been happening to a fair number of you, and we hope that the changes to account linking should resolve this. As always, contact [email protected] if you're still having account/inventory issues.
  • Age Verification - We partnered with SuperAwesome in 2021 to implement an age verification process that makes it so our younger players have a safe and fun experience playing Among Us. This process isn't foolproof (we err on the side of safety), and sometimes our adult players end up being asked to verify their age if they enter their birth year incorrectly. Please know that we hear your feedback, and we are hoping to streamline this process soon.
Thanks for reading - see you next time!!

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.