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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hi Crewmates!

Quick update because uhhh I forgot to post this yesterday lol sorry. Along with our Xbox and PlayStation console launch, the game got a small patch to fix some ongoing bugs people were experiencing!

v2021.12.15 Fixes
  • Scroll wheel is smoother
  • Stabilized the false bans for hacking
  • Minor connection fixes
  • Right Hand Man hat item is no longer missing from the wardrobe
  • Fixed the Engineer role being able to stay indefinitely in a vent they need to clean
  • Impostor no longer still is seen as a shifted character when unshifting while an emergency meeting is called
  • General usability improvements and visual fixes
NOTE: If you are having any issues, particularly with Star purchasing and DLC redemption errors, please email support(@)innersloth.com so that we can help you out!!!

Upcoming Cosmicube
Tomorrow the Holiday Cosmicubes drop! Get ready to get festive and deck the halls with blood some fun new looks. Both a Bean and Star Cosmicube will be available, and we can't wait to see your Crewmates running around. I'll make sure to post about it again tomorrow so you know when it drops!

Samurai Gunn Cameo
We're so excited the Crewmate is making a big cameo in the Samurai Gunn 2 game in their latest update, which just dropped now! It's a fun, extremely speedy 4 player multiplayer fighting game, and the team there nailed the Crewmate vibe. Watch the trailer below and you can get their game NOW on Steam!

Show them some love for us! We were all really lucky to have found players like you in our community, and supporting other indies is something we really want to do more of. Indie games are something special and being able to help support and lift them up? It'd even make an Impostor cry.

Okay that's it for meeeee. See you in the next update for HOLIDAY STUFFS.