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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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New Year New Bean!!!

It’s time for a roadmap of what we’re hoping to bring you in 2023! I’m not allowed to spill the beans (hehe) on all the secrets but I think there’s a lot to get hyped about.

Confession: I was supposed to publish this on Jan 31 but I totally forget heh.

First off – we want to make playing Among Us an easier, more intuitive experience. This means big focus on adding multiple updates to the UI and UX (user interface and user experience, respectively) of the game. Cleaning up the account merging flow, updating the store to be easier to navigate, making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player… these are all things we want to work on, and more. We don’t want anything to get in the way of you and your tasks.

Digging further into our roadmap, here are some further detail for you (but I can’t spoil anything so be patient with meeeeee):

  • Map 5: Yep, this is finally the year we get you a whole new map to explore! I can’t tell you what the theme is, but I CAN say it’ll have all new tasks for you to figure out, come with more cosmetics, and have fun surprises hidden around. We put a TON of love into our design process for these maps – you’ll notice that all our maps often have tinyyy details in them to make them feel satisfying and fun to play, if you take a look around. (My favorite details is the little bone anatomy image in the Airship.) We don’t want to skimp out on anything, so we’re excited to finally be gearing this map up for you to play later in the year!
  • Improved Matchmaking: With Hide n Seek mode, new roles, and the customization of our lobbies, we realize that many of you want to be able to find the games you want to play more easily and quickly. That’s why a big focus this year will be on adding features to matchmaking to ensure you are closer to the type of spacebean experience you want.
  • Quickchat Rework: Quickchat is a huge part of the game experience, and we want to refine the dialogue options while also making it easier to navigate. We’re always reviewing how you all use our features and systems, so don’t think we aren’t paying attention to you! <3
  • Collabs: AwwWWWWWWW yesSSSSSS. Collabs are SO FUN for us to do, and we love seeing your reactions to the chaotic things we get up to with other studios. We have some big ones planned for this year, and I think you’re gonna freak out it’s so cool. (Maybe I am freaking out right now.) (AHHHH.)
  • More??????: Alright so I’m going to tell you some things we would love to do at some point in the future BUT ONLY IF WE HAVE EXTRA DEVELOPMENT TIME, CAN TEST IT, WE AREN’T DYING, MAKE SURE IT DOESN’T BREAK EVERYTHING, AND IS APPROVED BY THE HIGHER POWERS IN TIME (e.g. platform partners). OK? SO THIS IS NOT A PROMISE IT WILL HAPPEN. I swear if one of y’all are like “uh but you promised in the dev log this would be out in 2023” NO I DID NOT. THIS IS ONLY IF WE HAVE EXTRA TIME. Okay anyway – so! If we have extra time and are able to, we would loveeeeee to add some more new roles into the game. We’ve already seen the fun you’ve been having with the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Scientist, and how it creates a whole new way to play the game. We have a lot of other ideas up in our brain space, and hope we can share that with you at some point! Another thing we hope to work on are Friends List improvements so you’re able to do much more with the people you call “friends” (that would stab you in the back the minute you’re an Impostor but whatever).

Okay that’s enough random yelling from me! Thanks for reading through this entire dev log (because you definitely did right..? RIGHT?) and hope the beginning of 2023 has been treating you well! I am personally already dying and in a pit of despair but let’s not talk about that.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Crewmates, assemble! Greetings!

I hope the New Year has been a blast for you while also blasting away in The Skeld 🚀 I wanted to share a list of known bugs that we’ve found since our Hide n Seek update in December. But don’t worry, we’re working hard on crushing every single one of them to smithereens.

  • Shapeshifters in a 2+ Impostor match are turning into a Crewmate Ghost if they were the first ones to be ejected
  • Crewmates are getting killed by a Seeker while venting in Hide n Seek
  • An “An error occurred while signing in” error message comes up while trying to merge accounts
  • Disconnect issues are happening due to high pings during peak times (nights and weekends)
We’re working on tackling these bugs and resolving them as soon as possible! As always, if you encounter any new issues, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket[innersloth.zendesk.com]!

Catch you later my fellow Beanarinos! Don’t forget to eat real beans if you can. Fiber is good.



The roadmap looks exciting, doesn’t it? While we’re cooking up these items I’ll still be on the lookout for fanart and fun creations you’re all putting together. Speaking of together, this piece was a wonderful combination of players in our Discord[discord.com] adding their own Crewmates and Impostors to join our lonely Impostor.

Another super cool creation came from one of our own artists too! You may be familiar with Hannako’s work on a lot of our space beans and they got to submit this amazing arcade cabinet[www.gallerynucleus.com] art for Gallery Nucleus. It even plays the Impostor theme Hide n Seek!

You can actually buy this mini cabinet (note: it’s an art piece so it doesn’t actually play the game) here[www.gallerynucleus.com]!

That’s all for now! I gotta go clean some pizza out of these vents, but don’t worry – I’ll still be on the look out for your art and creations so don’t hesitate to tag your work with #amongusfanart or be posting in our Discord.