about 2 years ago - Nintendo of America - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

2s girls you ready
4s oh hey dad hey
6s papa's here come on we have time for a
8s game
9s maybe one game
11s let's go
13s watch your serve
18s oh
20s no way
21s i'm ready where's honor
23s ah she's still upstairs want to play
25s soccer sure
27s all right let's do this
30s come on even your turn
33s nice shot
36s oh
36s you get this you win haven
39s oh nice
40s good job you know what maybe volleyball
42s is my game i don't know guys all right
44s perfect come on you're on my channel
45s wait i thought we were going to dinner
47s after this game
54s [Music]
59s i thought volleyball was your sport
63s all right let's go making every moment
65s fun that's our way to play nintendo
68s switch
72s [Music]
83s oh hey neighbor
89s now that's a breakfast
91s let's see what's going on over here
94s time for my morning coffee
98s okay thanks for the tip
100s [Music]
101s nintendo switch is my way to play