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Anno 2205 came close to scratching the itch but it never did get to the point where the energy problem being solved was then used to colonize beyond the moon on planets like Mars. I think there is still a lot of opportunity there and that it would deal with some really interesting concepts and theories on how to make that possible.

With Land of Lions being done soon-ish and it having been made (fairly) clear that's probably going to be the last expansion for Anno 1800 i'm curious to hear if there's any hints yet for what future projects the team is interested in? What are the creative minds leaning towards spending their time and passion on next?

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Who knows what may happen in the future (pun intended, and proud of it), but I would not expect our next game to return to a science-fiction setting.

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Alright, good to know. Thanks for the quick reply as well

Any hints on what area's of history you are considering then? ;)

No hints whatsoever :)