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dunno how much stuff given by developers to kickstarters/ backers/pre-orders/deluxe editions/early buyers or pledgers ..but i hate when i buy a game and then i learn i missed some skins /models / backer dlc/ vanity items etc...so if i buy this game then will i miss any single in-game item ? like special items, skins , flags , musics, wallpapers ,portraits ,skins models etc ? or any beta tester rewards ? or special quests etc ?

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Hey n3mrut, at this point, as far as I'm aware, the only thing you will miss are the Twitch Drops (some smaller ornaments) of last year and this year as well as the closed beta reward.
Everything else was either unlocked for everyone later on or is connected to something you can purchase.

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That thread is correct, we gave away the Open Beta reward. But as I stated above, there was also a reward for participating in the Closed Beta, and that one has not been made publicly available, to my knowledge.
We gave away the Twitch Drops of the first Season, but not the ones for Season 2 and Season 3.

There is a special ornament as well as company logos when buying the History Collection (or some of those when only getting one of the individual History Editions).