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Happy new year to all of you. I took some time to fix a few bugs with GU13 today, here is the result:

Grain Trade Value

  • Fixes the docklands trade value for grain

Lumberjack Forest Density

  • workaround so that lumberjacks do not need to plant 51 trees even if they don't require them

Pearl Farm Unlock

  • Correctly unlocks the pearl farm at 300 Jornaleros

Tow Debuff

  • Fixes the tow debuff bug on the flagship after exploring the surrounding islands in the Green Game Jam scenario

Those fixes are in no way official and just meant as an emergency bugfix for Game Update 13. Free to use, modify, keep, delete, whatever. No warranty, no liability, if this fixes a bug for you, and you can enjoy playing the game again, I'm happy.

Download: Github

P.S. Please do not insult, attack or mock the devs in any way for the update quality, after all, they are still human beings who want to be in their well-earned christmas holidays and probably were under a lot of time pressure when creating the update. Keep it civil.

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Nice work!