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Hello Ubisoft/Anno community, I don't know if this is the right place to talk about this but.. I'm just wondering why there is no Arabic language in the Anno series.
I mean really why? We live abroad and I decided to help my little sister to learn Arabic through games and the first game that came to my mind was Anno, I played the old versions of Anno and I really enjoyed them as a kid and I know that older versions dosen't have Arabic as a language option so I decided to buy anno 1800 but I was surprised that there is no Arabic language either. I mean I can't understand why such a great game doesn't support the Arabic language, what is the point of this? Please Ubisoft add the Arabic language to the next Anno versions.

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First, the bad news- there are no plans to do an Arabic localization of Anno 1800. But, on the bright side, I can give you some insights into why this is the case.

When deciding the languages to localize the game into, a lot of it is based on historical sales data, and the expected forecast for the new game in a given region. So the languages we focused on were regions where Anno traditionally does well (like most of Europe), or important PC gaming markets (like China or South Korea). Unfortunately some others like MENA or Brazil did not make the cut.

Keep in mind however that Anno is not only a PC-only game, but also a bit of a niche title (unlike some of Ubisoft's big AAA titles) due to tis genre. At the same time, it does have a lot of text (competing with some smaller rpgs!), so a localization needs to be well evaluated.

But as you mentioned, Ubisoft has been putting a lot of effort into Arabic localizations recently, so there is every chance a potential future Anno game could also be localized in Arabic.