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They were going to send them out mid-July ( https://anno-union.com/en/land-of-lions-technical-test/). I signed up, but I haven't received one yet.

We're at the end of mid-July. Am I not invited, or did they not send them yet?

I really hope I'll be in it, as I'm off for a few weeks now. No big holiday planned, but I do have quite some Anno 1800 plans, hoping the TT would become the major one :-)

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21 days ago - /u/Com_Raven - Direct link

Hey all, yes the first (very small!) wave of invites went out already, so make sure to check your spam folders as well.

Keep in mind that we will have several waves of invites over the course of the test (which is planned to go for a few weeks). If things go well initially, we may have another wave coming as soon as this week, so...don't stop believin' :)

20 days ago - /u/Com_Raven - Direct link

Originally posted by CayaMaya

#keepingherfingerscrossedforwhoknowshowmanyhours :-)

The test is planned to run for a few weeks, so please make sure to relax and move your fingers from time to time.

Imagine the irony if you were to be invited, and then your fingers would be all cramped up :(

19 days ago - /u/Com_Raven - Direct link

As an update, another wave of invites is going out right now, so feel free to check your inboxes and spam folders :)