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Hey @McSchwongus,


If you believe the suspension was placed on your account incorrectly, you're welcome to appeal that with these steps. That's not something we're able to review via the forums, however.


When a name is reported and brought to our attention, we don't judge it based on whether there are more egregious names out there, but simply whether or not it's inappropriate as outlined in our Rules of Conduct.


If you're seeing other names that you feel should be actioned, please be sure to report those and we'll take a look, thanks!

5 months ago - EA_Mako - Direct link
Hi @McSchwongus,

Not quite! If our Terms of Service team takes a look and doesn't feel the name being reported was inappropriate, they'd just dismiss the report and you'd never know it was even reported.

If your appeal was declined, you're welcome to submit a new one and another member of the ToS team will review that again, however it's not something we'd be able to make a judgement on or speak to here I'm afraid. Mako.png

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