17 days ago - EA_Mako - Direct link

Hey @EDUTzZz!


What you're mentioning here seems to indicate that someone else gained access to the account at some point in the past. A ban at that point would be intended to prevent them from continuing to have access to the account while you were not aware. 


I'd first check through these security steps to make sure the account has been secured, including a password reset to be safe.


I'm not showing any cases created from this account yet, so please be sure you've followed these steps to get an appeal sent up to our Terms of Service team. The ban history section on the account does not show all account actions, but you'll be able to create an appeal with the steps in that link regardless. They should be able to get this cleared up for you. 

11 days ago - EA_Mako - Direct link

Hey @EDUTzZz,


I'm still not showing any cases created for this account. Are you creating those with the same account you're using to post on the forums?


You can also try reaching out to an advisor directly. While they cannot review an account ban in a chat or over the phone, they should be able to help get it to the ToS team as well.