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Hey @storestian ,


Sorry to hear you are still waiting for a response from one of our teams regarding these tickets. Unfortunately we'll not be able to handle account related issues over the forums so I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to contact us via another method to get that further looked into. Read more about contacting us via chat below.


Might this have been a banned account then it's possible that the waiting queue is a bit longer than you are used to from us. You are not alone and we are doing our best to review cases as fast as we can on a case by case basis. Once reviewed by one of our team members you'll be sure to receive a mail back from us via the email that's also on your account.

Sometimes chat might no longer show up as option for your account if your account has a ban on it due to all bans being handled by mail. If you have a dire issue that needs to be talked about or you feel you missed an update you can still start a chat by going to to our EA Help website > logging out > selecting another email than you used before to make the ticket under and once on the chat give them the case number you have a question about.

I hope this helps.


- EA_Neil


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