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20 Mar


Originally posted by DestinyPotato


A little self promo here: I did the mathzzz. Short answer, no. Long answer if you played 2 hours a day and avg'd 6k exp a game it would take you upto the last day to hit 100.

Your math isn't correct. The minimum Battle Pass XP you can get from a 20 minute game (assuming you get the character bonus) is 7,200 XP (6/sec *60 * 20min). That assumes you do zero damage, don't top 3, don't play with friends, etc.


I don't think the game can cause that kind of an issue on it's own, but it might be pushing your rig hard enough to trigger some other issue? Have you tried locking framerate or monitoring temperates?


Sorry you had that experience. I'll not sure how up to speed EA support is on the crash logs, but you can always post it here, or to the crash mega thread as well.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Glad we agree - battle pass levels up faster


Originally posted by Thicxz

Sorry but this is just not true. I just played for 6hrs straight and just barely reached BP4 whilst leveraging the bonuses. If you want these rewards (that you paid for), you're going to have to grind like a mad man. This definitely isn't a 100 hr thing unless you win every game you play perhaps.

You get 6XP/sec for surviving if you have the character bonus going, so that’s 1.3 hours / level if you do literally nothing in the match but live and never do a point of damage ever.


Originally posted by WingCommando

Hey another thing I noticed is that when you are ziplining now, even when u press space to jump then hit grapple button, it auto grapples back on the zip line you were on. All spiderman ninja shit potential killed there.. Was that intentional?

No. Will be fixed in the future though.


You only did half the work :/ You're assuming that XP / Hour is the same in both progression tracks, which it is not.
You get more XP / Hour in Battle Pass as long as you leverage the character XP bonuses.

The battle pass takes approximately ~100 hours if you use the bonuses and get a few kills here and there. Which is a little over 1 hour of in game time per day.

For the average player leveraging BP bonuses, leveling Battle Pass 1-100 is faster than Player Level 1-100 by ~25ish hours.


Originally posted by Liperim

Where can i report the apex_crash.txt?

Please include it with a bug report to our forums when you generate an apex_crash.txt https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/apex-legends-bug-reports-en


Originally posted by Lennyhos

Where do you go to upload crash file


Added this as a bullet point to the patch notes as well.

19 Mar


This is a bug that we're looking into. The intent was to cap frame rate to 300 when doing the command but it's locking to 144. I'll update when I have more info.

    /u/dko5 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are actively watching threads like this. Additional reports, including what you were doing when the crash happened, are very helpful.


Originally posted by I_Have_3_Legs

My friend keeps crashing on his One x. Me and my other friend on OG xbox and One S haven't crashed at all. Could be the better textures causing crashes

Can you provide me detail as to when he is crashing?


Originally posted by predarkness

Hi, friends and I share the same crash .txt file with very different setups. All settings on low and our GPU's are 1080's and 1060's. At least 16GB of ram on every setup. At one point we all crashed at the same time after about 6 games.

  R5Apex: 000000000035A6E6
  EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION(read): 0000000001000019
KERNELBASE: 000000000008584C
ntdll: 00000000000A80CB
ntdll: 000000000008FD36
ntdll: 00000000000A468F
ntdll: 0000000000004BEF
ntdll: 00000000000A33FE
R5Apex: 000000000035A6E6
R5Apex: 00000000004C04BD
R5Apex: 00000000004BFEA6
R5Apex: 00000000004C0297
R5Apex: 00000000004C0449
R5Apex: 00000000002E6E86
R5Apex: 000000000026B239
R5Apex: 000000000043F5FF
R5Apex: 00000000004C779D
KERNEL32: 00000000000181F4
ntdll: 000000000006A251
       rax = 0x01000001
       rbx = 0x00007FF6B4CBE5F0
      rcx = 0x00007FF69AED6860
      rdx = 0x000002E61F95BC30
rsp = 0x000000EEF4E67C00
rbp = 0x00007FF69AED6860
rsi = 0x000002E61F95BC30
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Long shot, but do you use text chat much?


Originally posted by Clarkey10

Heres another one I posted earlier, which i get when clicking continue after loading the game.

> crash:
    R5Apex: 00000000004C34A5
    EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION(write): 0000000000000000
    kernel32: 000000000009BC10
    ntdll: 000000000007FF88
    ntdll: 00000000000178C8
    ntdll: 0000000000027E8D
    ntdll: 00000000000184CF
    ntdll: 000000000004BAC8
    R5Apex: 00000000004C34A5
    R5Apex: 00000000004D1A70
    R5Apex: 00000000004C6901
    R5Apex: 000000000020AE75
    R5Apex: 00000000004A002C
    R5Apex: 00000000004A099E
    R5Apex: 00000000004A110F
    R5Apex: 00000000004C04BD
    R5Apex: 00000000004BFEA6
    R5Apex: 00000000004C0297
    R5Apex: 00000000004BEAB7
    R5Apex: 00000000004C0852
    kernel32: 00000000000159CD
    ntdll: 000000000002A2E1
    rax = 0         
    rbx = 0x00B10010
    rcx = 0x0DC78BD0
    rdx = 8194   // 0x00002002
    rsp = 0x31F8F5F0
    rbp = 0x3985971E
    rsi = 0         
    rdi = 0x0000000140EF...
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I believe this is a out of memory crash, have you tested lowering texture streaming settings? Also, what are the specs on your hardware?


Hey guys we're looking into this. I'll update when I have some answers.


Originally posted by Celriot1

Do you feel the same way about heal bhop'ing?

Definitely, but no fix ETA yet

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Originally posted by takoiddit

Hey /u/Jayfresh_Respawn, /u/RespawnSean the PC FPS cap increase to 300 FPS is not working. Still at 144 FPS and old launch commands no longer work.

Looking into this. I'll let you folks know when I have answers!

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