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Transcript (by Youtube)

7s Got your back.
10s Go! Go!
13s Ha-haa!
20s You got a name, pal?
23s You will call me "Prophet".
27s And I demand your help.
31s In this blighted land, I protected me followers...
35s ... guided by the light.
38s But they came.
41s And took 'em from me.
44s Are you a man of faith, General?
48s You think you've faced the dark before...
51s ... but you've never seen the likes of this.
55s Shh! Be quiet.
57s This way.
59s Come on! Open already!
61s Back to hell with ya!
63s Let's get the hell out of here!
69s Father!
70s Watch over me flock.
72s Protect them from those who walk...
74s ... hand in hand with monstrosities!
78s For thine and mine is the power.
81s Anoint your champions, oh Father.
85s That all who dwell in the valley know.
88s We are the shadow!
90s We are the death!
98s Fresh meat!
112s I have foreseen our victory.
114s We will prevail!
118s A new world will rise from the ashes of old.
122s Look out!
123s Go!
123s A-fucking-MEN.

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