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Developer Note - This hotfix resolves issues with the Duffel bag reward system regarding Offline mode and reward items.

Follow along with our Trello board (http://bit.ly/B4BTrello) to track upcoming new features, balance changes, and major bug fixes. Note that our Trello Board, and this list of fixes, are not exhaustive.


  • Duffel Bags
    • Added item highlight function to Duffel Bags when a player is nearby.
    • Duffel Bags now count as Utility items, so if a player has disabled or replaced item slots, they can still pick up a Duffel Bag.
    • **Developer Note -* With this change, only the Utility slot Duffel Bag will spawn. This does not impact the reward items redeemed at the end of the level.*
    • Offline
      • Fixed an issue where Duffel Bags were not always spawning in Offline Mode.
    • Reward Items
      • Duffel Bags now only contain Expansion 2 cards and Expansion 2 character skins. When a player has all this content unlocked, the Duffel Bag will grant Burn Cards.
      • Other Expansion 2 non-exclusive cosmetic content (weapon skins, emblems/sprays/banners) are available to unlock with Supply Points through Roving Merchant supply lines.
      • **Developer Note -* This is a temporary fix implemented to ensure that players are able to unlock the Expansion 2 cards as they encounter duffel bags. We are working on a more permanent solution at this time.*

To view all patch notes click here (https://back4blood.com/en-us/patch-notes).

If you find a bug, please report it here (https://bugs.back4blood.com/).

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about 1 year ago - /u/TRS_TheGentlemanSQ - Direct link

Originally posted by etecoon3

Looks like the bug where Duffel Bags are sometimes empty is still an issue? It's great that they'll be more obtainable and cards are easier to get, but empty duffels are still really frustrating.

I don't know the full details of the issue, but the fix that we wanted couldn't be done safely in a hotfix.

about 1 year ago - /u/TRS_TheGentlemanSQ - Direct link

Originally posted by Rookie2171

Added item highlight function to Duffel Bags when a player is nearby.

Does this mean I don't have to run Utility Scav or it still a must to use for me to see the duffel through the wall?

Duffel bags should be visible to any player that gets close to them. We wanted to make sure that folks were finding them. In our data we see that they are spawning in 100% of act 5 maps.

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