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EDIT: Just to clarify: Nerfing the card so the gas no longer follows you around still allows it to be super-powerful (it literally almost insta-kills commons on no hope WITHOUT CARDS BUFFING THE DAMAGE). It just does not allow you to skip the game altogether!

Long story short. When activated it releases lethal gas wherever you go for about 7-10 seconds. It deals weakspot damage, meaning it scales with such cards but more importantly it does fire damage which means frikkin' pyro doubles the damage and heals you.

This means that by merely investing 2 cards into e.t5 you can literally kill every last common (except charred) you pass without even needing to interact with theem. Couple this with speed cards and you can annihilate swathes of ridden while instantly filling your health bar with temporary health and running all the way to home base.

Please, for all that is good: Make e.t5 only release on the spot of activation, and remove the fire damage attribute from it.

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So apparently Piñata has always worked like that, the bit about increasing its chance per kill is just clarifying it. This is a common practice that game devs use when dealing with RNG type effects. Every time the player “fails” to get a proc, they silently increase the chance for it to happen. Its not the most 1-1 comparison but in Slay the Spire, every time you’re offered a card that isn’t a “rare” (the highest rarity card type), in the background your chance to get a rare card in the next drop is increased.

Because technically if it truly was 15%, you could have scenarios where you throw 100 pipe bombs and dont get a single reuse chance, or kill 100 ridden with moltovs and you don’t drop a single accessory. These scenarios wouldn’t be as rare as you’d think and it’d feel terrible for it to happen, so they kinda game RNG effects to make them more consistent and more fun.

Think of it like the new card AI assistant module, where the reuse chance percentage increases with every “fail”. Thats just how Piñata (and I suspect Hoffmans ability) has been working the whole time.

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