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I think the current one is okay but I liked the way it was implemented in the alpha more.

In the alpha the way it worked was you would pull three RANDOM cards from your deck and you would have to choose one. You were given your first card of your deck for free but the rest were shuffled. At the beginning of the campaign you would draw three random cards pick one and do this again two more times. Then at each checkpoint you would again draw three random cards and pick one (only once this time).

Me and my friend loved this system cause it would add some randomness to the run, kind of like a small rogue-like element, and it added some extra replayability.

I don't think the current one should be scrapped or anything because it allows you to have consistent builds, but I'd be really neat for the old shuffle to be an option in your deck or ideally as an option for your campaign run.

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We plan on adding a deck randomizer option post launch.

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any plans in the future to have a ''turn off rarity'' switch or something like that to do custom runs?

Do you mean weapon rarity?