about 1 year ago - Back 4 Blood - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

5s My children,
7s the world has shared a message with me:
11s The path to paradise is ready to be open.
21s When reality is a dumpster fire…
23s Run!
23s Fuck!
25s You start to believe it when they talk about “Paradise.”
29s We wanted to believe it.
30s We needed something to believe in.
33s Being alone in this hellscape left us only two choices:
36s Look out!
37s Join her fucked-up cult...
39s or join these guys.
40s She just takes and takes and takes.
43s And now they're holding captive who I love most...
47s and I’m not gonna stop...
48s - off of me!
49s until I bring my brother home.
61s That crazy bitch may be out for blood,
63s but see, I don't turn in work half-assed.
66s I'm a type A to the letter.
71s I'll take their paradise
73s and burn it all to the ground.
80s Oh, that's Jeff.
81s He's with me.
82s Used electrodes to modify his behavior.
84s AP bio really came in handy.
91s Holly! Watch out!
95s Everywhere the mother goes, a river of blood follows.
101s But she and I, we have one thing in common,
104s cross us, and we’ll stop at nothing until we fuck you up.
111s We shall reach our true potential...
115s That was fire.
117s in Paradise!