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Within the past week we pushed out two server patches intended to address issues with Special spawning and trauma damage. Please note: if you are playing offline in Training, you will still encounter these issues as the fix was only applied to our servers. The fix will be applied to offline play in our next downloadable patch.

These issues are still being investigated, but below are the server-side adjustments we have made so far:

  • (11/16) Decreased unintentional repetition of Special spawners. Before, if there were Specials alive when you started a Horde and finished it, there was a high chance they could spawn again unintentionally. This should no longer be the case.
  • (11/16) Increased separation of the ‘wandering’ Special spawners so they’re less likely to stack. This means non-alerted Specials are less likely to spawn close to where other Specials first spawned should they do their thing and wander away. Note: wandering Specials are those that wander away from their spawn point.
  • (11/16) Increased the average time required for roaming Reekers and Stingers to spawn to better address the onslaught of Specials.
  • (11/16) Decreased the chance of wandering Specials spawning in Veteran and Nightmare difficulties.
  • (11/17) We have reverted trauma damage to the old behavior where 1 temp health would fully block all trauma damage. Though this is not the intended behavior, the adjustment that was made drastically increased the difficulty. We are currently evaluating and making more adjustments to trauma damage to function as originally intended.

We have additional changes included in the next downloadable patch to further address the issues with unintended increased difficulty as well as other pieces of feedback we’ve read from the community.

We will continue to monitor data and constructive feedback to implement additional changes that would improve player experience and address unfair game difficulty.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work on bettering the game with all of you!

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Originally posted by Acanadianeh

My run a couple hours ago no joke had 30 specials spawn in under 1 minute, without us pulling additional hordes

Do you happen to have video of this and what map was it in?

Originally posted by Tsukigato

Pretty sure the intention is just if you take a hit that is for more than the current temp health, it should cause trauma on the excess. Right now it blocks any trauma from that hit.

This is correct