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23 Mar


Originally posted by hungry_square

Looks like it!

From what I see it's just a bit bellow. Maybe I'm hallucinating? sh*t! Halp!


Hello people, since I wrote that on Twitter because I saw a ton of comments about this specific subject... Just to clarify about the Combined Arms section of the roadmap (and only this one point) and it's impact on the production. To add more Combined Arms missions (since they were "promised") it literally took ONE single designer. This had not a single impact on the production of any more MP maps.

I, as a person, a dev and a gamer absolutely understand your concern but I'm just a small little cog in a big machine. I just wanted to clarify that little detail.

Thanks guys.


Originally posted by sirdiealot53

Q&A ;__;

How about we do a Criterion Q&A for Firestorm next week?


Welcome to the Battlefield V Weekly Debrief - March 22nd Edition!

This Week’s Highlights

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22 Mar


Originally posted by BennyGoId


The link at the bottom of the post gives the message "Invalid Request". Pls fix. Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know - its a new reddit/old reddit thing.

Works for folks on new reddit and on mobile app, but clearly not elsewhere.

It's a link to Dev Talks, which you can otherwise watch on Twitter


Originally posted by 02Alien

Pretty much yeah. The most recent ToW even said on some of the objectives "Arm an objective in Rush, Front lines, or Breakthrough" even though from the ToW screen it only linked to Rush. there will be times when certain objectives will be easier in the recommended mode, but unless specified they'll work in every mode.

^this pretty much.
The button below is just a convenient way of directly matchmaking into the content that is on show this week.


Originally posted by jakesnyder

Why don't you have a dev flair?

I had at one point but the someone removed it.

No idea who moderates this sub - I guess it is up to them :D


Originally posted by whispa07

I get it, try new things out, see what sticks and doesn't. I'm OK with that. Just as long as we aren't forced to play modes some don't like for a reward. At the very least, sure include it but have another path without a mode tied to it.

Unless the text in the Tides or War assignment specifically mentions a mode, you don't have to play the mode that is "promoted" during the active Tides of War. Meaning you can finish most of the assignments in any gamemode. Obviously, if you have to blow up an objective, that's only possible in modes that have such functionality. There is no objective to blow up in Conquest ... yet (jk).


Originally posted by MightyGlue

But why are all those new gamemodes only there for a limited time? "To not split the playerbase" seems like a weak argument if the playerbase is melting because of the overall lack of content.

Did you ever ask your colleagues if they feel like they're wasting their time working on something that stays around only for a few weeks and eventually will never again show up in the game?

It would actually be an even stronger argument to not split the player base with more modes, if it would melt (I assume you mean by that that it is shrinking). Rest assured nothing is melting. :)

Having that said, we see value and actual gain in time limited additions. The whole idea behind this (besides not splitting the player base too much) is to add variety every other week and really to see what relates well with the community. In the previous Battlefields we added additional gamemodes with each new set of maps, but most of those modes basically found no player base after a few weeks or even days. This way we can guarantee that players from all across the world have valid shot on playing the content that is offered and the engagement so far is extremely high through Tides of War. Some of our modes partially got played more than Conquest during certain days. That hasn't been the case ever before.

We constantly monitoring gamemode popularity and if you, the play...

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Originally posted by beloruskaya

Thank you so much for responding ! My concern is that I definitely do prefer to play it solo or with with my one other friend that I can trust.

Let me get back to you next week on that then. Understand the interest now, thanks for responding.


Originally posted by beloruskaya

Will we be able to disable or skip matchmaking on Combined Arms once that becomes available?

I’d need to check in with the team on this next week, but before I do help me understand your overall concern. Is it that you want the option to only play the mode solo and are worried that you will have to squad up to play it?


Originally posted by sirdiealot53

welshyboy you're not replying to peoples questions lol

you're just making a new thread

Forgive me! Was typing on my iPhone and finding that the user flow is a bit funky compared to Relay Pro on Android (usual app of choice! Thanks for saying so!)


Edit: Just discovered that the user flow for the iPhone Official Reddit app has Add Comment on an inbox message which doesn’t actually reply to the thread. I’ve lost the original reply in the comments here but this was in response too ‘Will Rush Come back’?

I personally expect so, though the team have only just retired it this week from its present rotation and I doubt they have had the chance yet to do a proper sit down and decide what’s next for rush. We always said that if the Mode was popular then we’d always be open to bringing it back and building on it.


Originally posted by [deleted]

Hey PartWelsh, is there any discussion about adding an option in settings to toggle the new yellow healing screen effect? More than a few of us aren't so keen on it. Personally it grosses me out and reminds me overly much of the blue light blocking filter I use when working on my computer late at night.

And a toggle independent of the existing vignetting effect? Thanks.

There is. We will follow up on this.


Thread updated with this months Dev Talks (also available on Twitter)


Originally posted by MrJoeBlow

Why do you guys care so much about spending tons of time on new game modes and Combined Arms?

I've literally seen zero complaints about the amount of gamemodes, but tons of complaints about lack of maps. I'm also pretty sure that no one cares about Combined Arms and very, very few people would be upset if you guys stopped spending time on it.

We care about both and both are done by different "types" of developers. A gamemode designer or scripter can't make maps. An environment artist can't make gamemodes. We are having a pool of very talented people and we try to use all of their strengths.

I personally believe there is value in how you play as well in where you play and so far the community has reacted more than positive about Rush, Squad Conquest and the new Operation (which is technically just a gamemode). So why stop here? :)


Originally posted by PartWelsh

Article is live on the Battlefield Website now - images are being loaded in as I type this

(Note: We also have a short Dev Talk video going live this evening)

More insight on Chapter 3 (where the images are) is also now live here -


Article is live on the Battlefield Website now - images are being loaded in as I type this

(Note: We also have a short Dev Talk video going live this evening)


It's coming to the base game soon too, then with more goodies :)

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