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26 Feb

    /u/tiggr on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by UniQue1992

Great memories! Man, I miss those times!

Indeed,.what happened to my teens.. :). Hitting 40 this year - I might have to buy a sports car or something

    /u/tiggr on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for all the fish Joyce! We'll get to fika in Sweden soon!

14 Feb


Originally posted by [deleted]

Are you satisfied with the community response to chapter 2? If not, do you plan to change your approach towards Tides of War?

I think you need to tell us what you want going forward. We hear good and bad things all the time, it’s unfortunately not possible to please everyone but overall we see that many are playing Tides of War and many even stick around in those modes after the weekly event has ended which is great!


Originally posted by madmav

Will there be matchmaking for Combined Arms or are there complications? + Will Moon Shot bonus assignment be back?

Otherwise, all happy with the latest gameplay changes and improvements! Game's getting sturdier and more enjoyable by the week!

Also props for all the recent communication to /u/Braddock512 and /u/F8RGE , putting in crazy hours (despite being on other sides of the world, feels like yer cramming in 12 hour days) which can't be easy at times.

The moon shot node was disabled because we have a bug with rocket launchers not being one hit kills against planes. Instead of annoying our players with this node we decided to disable it as we work on fixing the bug with the launchers. It was an optional node anyway and does not cause any problems with the progression. Sorry about the issue but we felt that this was the best solution for now.

06 Feb


Originally posted by TheNyo

What about NVIDIA LoD exploit? And how you gonna detect cheating tools with just FairFight tools that can only check in game stats (nothing like PunkBuster that was checking for other applications running on PC)?

Honestly you made this incoming Firestorm a big thing for BFV but a battle royale mode will never work in BFV in its current state with people using cheating tools having everyone spotted or even just changing NVIDIA drivers settings so that people wont have any cover...

PS: ofc this affects all game so all gamemodes, i just pointed on their so much awaited Firestorm because in shitty battle royale being hidden and safe is the most basic thing

We've got a fix for the LoD bias abuse going in the next patch.

02 Feb

01 Feb


Originally posted by alextreme96

It’s borderline harassment. It’s been happening since I was playing BF3. I constantly stomp on all your players, but just seeing those tags makes me angry

Aw, We love you too buddy!!


That looks badass!

31 Jan


Originally posted by Yarnball-REEE

When you’re low on health, there is a ping around the medkit next to your health bar

While I cannot promise anything, I did see our UI Programmer tweet that she was looking into it.


Originally posted by AnakinHellwalker

Do you have any idea why is matchmaking taking so much time? Right now (12:30 CET) it took me and my friend over 18 minutes to get a match of Breakthrough. I know it's not exactly prime time, but it's first day of new challenges and there are loads of full servers in server browser and I will get a game in seconds while joining solo. Is there lack of players or servers? Is there any hidden MM that is trying to find us worthy opponents?

Matchmaking can take time if there are not enough player in your region currently trying to matchmake at the same time as you, with the same mode. But if you live in Europe or North America it should be pretty fast as there are many players playing.


Originally posted by Baail

Are You aware of infinite loading screen bug that occurs when loading from one operation day to the next? If yes when can we expect fix for that?

We are aware that some players are running into this issue, and we are working hard to resolve it as soon as possible. But we do not have a fix yet, so I am unable to give you any dates, but I hope as soon as possible.


Originally posted by SneakyB45tard

Can we expect further bugfixes and balance changes in this chapter? F.e: tank splashdamage is still useless, like most airplanes if its about air to ground

As with all Battlefield games we will keep tweaking this. :) Keep telling us that you like and don't like.


Originally posted by Curious_Crocodile

Would you consider remakes of classic Battlefield maps for BF V?

I have two suggestions:

Operation Metro 1944 (Think of the popularity of Metro only servers)

Strike at Karkand 1942 (IMO the best BF map of all time)

I obviously can't answer this:) But tell us what you want to see.


Originally posted by xstreetsharkx

There's a bug on PS4 that when you put the console on sleep mode and return, you cannot reconnect to the EA servers. You have to close the game and relaunch.

Ok, we will ask our LIVE QA team to see if they can reproduce this issue.


Originally posted by Winter_Graves

This was often triggered by going into the menus and then backing out onto the game... The friends list remained as an overlay on the right side of the screen, so when you pulled the trigger you interacted with that menu, instead of your weapon, to make it disappear you just press options to go into start menu then circle to back out into the game and its fixed (on PS4).

A video would be great! This issue sounds really strange because it would be very obvious if it happened for everyone. And considering that all Playstation hardware is almost identical, I find it hard to understand how such an issue could happen. Do you have any other devices connected to your playstation? Maybe PSVR or some other third party controller?


Originally posted by zestychocolate

Hey there Dice,

Love the fact you all are doing your best to stay up on the bugs & updates. Thank you for that! Is there any plans to fix the Prone Bug? (Going prone on even or uneven ground/anywhere sometimes kicks you back to standing position.) I’ve lost count to how many times I’ve been eliminated due to diving behind cover then being force to stand up, ironically I get caught with my pants down!



Do you have a video? Could it be that your body just didn't have enough space to go prone in that specific place? Thanks.


First off let me say I love the ZK-383 on the medic. I may love it more than the MG-42. With the edition of new tanks added in game is there chance we'll see other non primary weapons added for the weekly challenges? Maybe like a Limpet Charge on the support?

19 Jan


Originally posted by Zandoray

I am taking a wild guess and assume that this is about ultra potato settings.

Just to clarify this: is fiddling around with Nvidia inspector a bannable offense?

Using it to abuse LOD Bias can land you in trouble. We're investigating potential fixes.

18 Jan


Hey there u/Gudboiharvester,

So i'm not allowed to publicly state why you were banned, as /u/Braddock512 has already explained.

What i will say though, i think you know why you were banned. So much so you deleted the Twitch VOD showing it happening live on your stream. Afterall, I was watching it at the time.

17 Jan

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Originally posted by AdmrlNelson

I don't see why they don't just add the actual task to be performed under the flavor text.

You are right of course. It’s a bug and we are looking to hotfix it before week 2 starts.

The correct criteria is as /u/solid-ace2017 described.

If you look at any other node they should display their criteria instead.