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    EA_Mako on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @ugdpy,


First off, thank you for your efforts to help keep the community a friendly and welcoming place.


Taking the time to do what you can in that regard is absolutely appreciated, even if you don't always see the result you'd hoped.


On that particular note, here on AHQ we do not have direct visibility to see the content or context of a report and thus wouldn't be able to speak to why something was handled a certain way. 


There is also not an appeals process regarding reports you've made yourself, though I do see where you're coming from here and we can absolutely pass along the fee...

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04 Jan


Hey there, is it possible for you to let us know what mode you're experiencing this on?

03 Jan


Originally posted by SBABakaMajorPayne

Rare “Watchman” Outfit for Casper ....

  • picture shows Angel ... ?

Angel's outfit is the obtainable item for collecting ribbons, as part of this week's event. The Casper item is obtainable within the store, for free.


Originally posted by Darfyoung

Are there any new bundles to purchase?

No, as we had taken onboard the feedback from our first event. As such, we reduced the overall amount of store bundles to just two for the entire running of this event.



The Nordvik Control Corps receives help from US reinforcements and stages a larger counter-offensive. Black Storm and Eastern Forces mount a fierce defense as the Nordvik Control Corps leads the assault to liberate Nordvik from its occupiers

This is the final battle where full-on Breakthrough Chaos will decide the conflict. This week, gameplay is scaled up to new intensity and supports up to 128 players as you give it your all. Fight your way across the Battlefield as ...

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30 Dec

    EA_Leeuw on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @RaginSam,

I certainly do understand where you're coming from.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to directly respond in/to a thread due to various reasons (too many to mention). However, this doesn't mean that we, the Community team and the devs, do not read all the bug- or technical issue reports and feedback threads. Quite the contrary. We all read the reports, threads and posts. However, Answers HQ (AHQ) is more than a support forum — it's a global community focused on players helping players (...

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