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28 Dec


That is a scenario possible within Spearhead. The trailer was taken during the overcast/rainy event that actually takes place on Spearhead, however as with all the maps and weather events - it's dynamic and can happen randomly.

27 Dec


Originally posted by Sliknik18

How is Marauder different from War?? They look very similar

There are two narrative factions throughout this event, the Black Storm and Nordvik Control Corps.
Some items share the same names, and some have alternate looks to them.
That's because they're minisets for either faction, which is why there are also two Marauder-titled items this week, one earnable via progression for Mackay and the other acquirable for free within the store for Falck.


Originally posted by xyander64

Anyone got a pic of that VCAR skin, as some one about to T1 it (im 10 kills away) a cool skin sounds like a perfect celebration

Here you go, give this link a try - it should work!

And congrats on the T1 grind! :)



Opposing Forces have smashed Nordvik’s defenses and gained control of the facility. It’s now up to the Nordvik Control Corps to strike back with Retribution.

As Black Storm fights to hold the line, Nordvik Control Corps infiltrates the facility to destroy M-COMs containing highly valuable data before it’s compromised by enemy hands.

Get ready for Retribution. A 16v16 twist on Conquest which combines elements of Conquest, Breakthrough and Rush into a s...

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This issue has been responded to several times, it's been passed onto the team to resolve for an upcoming update.

26 Dec

23 Dec


Hey, it means that the bundle will be delisted from the store when the timer runs out. Which is essentially the end of the current ongoing event.

22 Dec


Originally posted by ifoundyourtoad

I remember you back in your droid days on the Star Wars battlefront subreddit. Hope you are doing well and have a great Christmas.

Awh man, thank you so much. I'm glad that you're still around! Thanks for that <3
Together Brothers!!


Originally posted by loveandmonsters

Omg no crabs or knives with bipods they don't even know their own memes literally unplayable

Be happy that I didn't get a Shipping Container added!

21 Dec

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