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11 Oct

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Originally posted by frommars6

Hi Straatford,

Thank you for reaching out on here and notifying us that it's an issue that's been looked at. Have a good day.

We’re adding it back in with the update that goes live tomorrow (2.1.1).


Originally posted by HipMicrobe39293

Nerf the K30 all you want, DICE. It won’t stop me from using it at range

Challenge accepted? 🧐


Originally posted by MrRonski16

This is just a balance change.

Thats why its called 2.1.1 instead of 2.2

Correct. We put this smaller QoL update together to address some of the bigger community feedback - mainly around weapon balance.

The larger update with the Orbital Rework and a bigger set of changes is to follow next.


Originally posted by HyperXuserXD

Damn, was hoping that it is the Orbital rework update but these weapon adjustment seems nice

That's in the next game update.

This is a small QoL update we put together to address community feedback.


Originally posted by junkerz88

I swear “ADS bug fixed” has been in almost every patch for a year lol when will they actually fix it

We’ve had it listed it once before and sadly the fix didn’t work. Let us know if we did good once you’ve played the update.


Originally posted by xStealthxUk

Ye thats what I said lol. What worrys me is they refer to it only regarding vehicles but dnt acknowledge what we all know is that its tied to the underbarrel gernade launchers and can also happen when using Liz remote rockets as well as casper drone while using SFAR... but hope they just fixed

Yep, we are aware.

A previous fix for this bug failed, so please let us know if you experience it again after the update.

08 Oct

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Its an issue the team still working on. It is that hard to fix it. @Foffe75, @ElliotLH,

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