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02 Dec


Originally posted by ProtoZigi26

Hey, I am late to the convo but you responded to the blogpost with "Year 2". Is the Season 5 being considered the Year 2, or will there be more after S5?

Right now we've only confirmed that Season 4 marks the end of Year 1, and after that we'll be releasing Season 5, which currently stands by itself.


Originally posted by lv4_squirtle

They’re probably saying that since they’re past a year since the release of the game. Year 1 pass will still include season 4.

Year 1 had indeed started when Season 1 was launched and consisted of four Seasons.

When Battlefield 2042 had launched, there was a time called pre-season and during that time we released Weekly Missions with rewards in the build-up towards the first Season.

Year 1 will come to a close at the end of Season 4, and after that, you can look forward to the recently revealed Season 5.


Hello, just to provide some clarity to this.

Season 4 is absolutely a part of Year 1. In terms of the future for Battlefield 2042, we have recently stated that we will continue to support the game in the form of Season 5 which takes place after the final season of Year 1.

References to Season 5 can be found here and ...

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Originally posted by UniQue1992

You can probably not tell us, but I'll still try. Does this mean we might see a return to the traditional class system without Specialists? Or does this mean Specialists will stay but there just won't be any new one after season 4?

Specialists will stay. But there won't be a new one after Season 4. But before that, with Update 3.2 early next year, we're bringing back Class gameplay.


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Originally posted by StandsForVice

I actually like specialists : )

We'll introduce the Class system with Update 3.2, but the Specialist characters will still be available.

Except they'll fit into the new Class system which comes with Class Gadgets, and Equipment.


Originally posted by jamslfc

Lmao, you people are still dreaming about them not focusing on specialist

It's not a dream if we just said that we'll stop with Specialists after Season 4 :-)


Originally posted by Hugest-Beugus

so classes are being binned? If they're still allocating resources into developing specialists where and who is working on the class system I keep hearing them tease us with? Once they've squeezed every dollar out of specialist cosmetics or once theyre done with 2042? Maybe in 2042?

The Class system is returning with Update 3.2, which is scheduled for early 2023. We then have one more Specialist (who will fit into the Class system) coming in Season 4.

Once we move on to Season 5, there will be no new Specialist.


Originally posted by Watters_Boi1991

Correct. The last Specialist will come with Season 4.


Originally posted by emmy0777

I thought classes was coming in season 3? Did they not say that?

It's coming with Update 3.2, which is dropping in 2023.


That was a bloody good run to be fair, Mike!

Don't speak down to yourself too, you don't need to be the best so long as you're aiding your team mates. But above all, at the end of the day - if you're having fun, that's what matters most.


It's a glass cannon type of vehicle, and with most of the hardware included in Season 3 follow the traits of high risk, high rewards.

So if you're out there taking out enemy vehicles, you're doing your job with the tank. It is a tank designed around defensive play, so when you're in Siege mode - make sure you've got people to back you up.

01 Dec


Originally posted by Prisma115

Boris is gonna be in the Support class? I thought Irish was gonna be moved to Support?! Apparently, they changed their plans, but then they need to heavily rework Boris, because this miserable turret is not gonna fit the class (and it"s super weak anway).

The asset is wrong. We'll fix it. This image is correct with where each Specialist is slotted:

In short, Irish still moving to Support. Boris will still be Engineer.

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