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07 Jul


This is fantastic!

Passing it on to our Social Media Manager! 😁

05 Jul

29 Jun


Originally posted by sterrre

I remember there was a dev talk for bfv in where members of Dice went to visit places like iwo jima and the Solomon Islands. Did you get a chance to visit the spaceport on French Guiana?

Not sure I can talk about specifics just yet but usually it's the artists going on those trips, in previous games it was anyway :D I just focus on the gameplay itself, they got the environments covered!


Originally posted by sterrre

Which of the announced 2042 maps did you work on?

Orbital and Renewal :)

28 Jun


Originally posted by Born-To-Grill

I couldnt find a singe image of that DICE weapon camo in BF4. Am I right to assume its just flat black?

For Battlefield 4, I believe it was flat black yep!
Along with the actual soldier camouflage for DICE SE being flat black. There was also a DICE LA one which was flat white (polar opposites).
Cool thing about them was that they also hid you from thermals! 😁


I see you penguins, I see you. Also, the nod to Arrested Development is 100% a vibe.


Ah yes, the fun days of the suppressed SPAS-12 shotgun springs to mind. Good times!

27 Jun


Hey u/Dion-Sandals - Head on over to the PlayStation site, visit your account settings and select your transaction history. It may show up in that list, acknowledging that everything is fine :)
If you do have any concerns with anything, I would suggest that you get in touch with the place that you had ordered the game from, but nothing to worry about - the beta is quite a ways away at the moment!


Hey u/HipMicrobe39293 - You may be able to cancel your Xbox One preorder (and this is me guessing) if you've preordered it via the Microsoft store. You can run through the steps listed here and then you can go ahead and preorder the correct version for yourself.

Just a general reminder that the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Battlefield 2042 will come with a cross-gen bundle, meaning dependin...

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Just wanted to pop in here and say - the comments in this thread show so much maturity and respect towards each other, it's really good to see the community welcoming towards new players showing interest in the franchise for the first time.

There's going to be a lot of them in due time, and we need to be warm and welcoming if the community is to grow - so to all those that have taken the time to help someone into the groove of things - kudos to you.

Enjoy your week ahead!


Originally posted by RoutineSmile8185

As long as there isn’t slide spam and jump spam it’ll be awesome

Two topics that we are very aware of :)


Originally posted by tdkr21104

I honestly think the getting stuck thing is almost more of a map design flaw than a movement system issue

It's both. The engineers need to accept that levels aren't 100% smooth and the level designers/artists need to remember that the code can't cover for all rough edges. It's a balancing act between visual fidelity and smooth traversal. I think we were in a good spot with BFV so we just need to be cautious about potential problematic areas.

26 Jun



These are great questions to ask. We don't have any official details to share right now, we'll pass along this thread to the team so they're aware of these concerns. 


Originally posted by sterrre

Most important question, will there be a secret mountain goat in bf2042?

One can only dream...


Originally posted by GodBlessThosePagans

Going back to BF4 has made me realize how good the movement system in BFV is. It's not perfect but hope they don't go back to 2013 movement style.

We're definitely building on the work that we did for BFV, keeping the feedback on those mechanics in mind while we added/improved the feature set.

25 Jun


Originally posted by sterrre

u/lytlb1t when you are allowed to talk about it we'd love to hear how movement is changing in 2042 maybe in July?

Will jumps now be commit in that you can't change your movement? What will be the downsides to sliding? How dynamic is sliding going to be?

I won't be able to talk about any details at the moment, but I can say that it's still the same people working on movement as during BFV, including u/DRUNKKZ3 and myself as well as our great animators. Looking forward to the moment when we can start discussing the systems again on the socials :)


Originally posted by wastelander75

Hope you have a great day.

Right back atcha! 🙏🙏