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24 Apr

Is this ok?

11 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by damodio24

Yes, not the speediest but you shouldn't run into any issues. If I'm not mistaken that NAT type "2" corresponds to "moderate" and you generally want "open" for gaming but I doubt you'll have a problem with it

Type 2 can actually be okay. I am currently Type 2 and open on my home PS4. Information per Test Internet Connection below.

How your PS4™ system is connected to the Internet

This information can be used to judge the ease or difficulty of connecting to other PS4™ systems, such as when using communication features of games.

Type 1: The system is connected directly to the Internet.

Type 2: The system is connected to the Internet with a router.

Type 3: The system is connected to the Internet with a router.

With Type 3, communication with other PS4™ systems might be impossible, or your P...

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As noted by others in this thread, you should be able to report via our social features. I'm also going to pass this along to the proper team for added measure.

Originally posted by snowynuggets

Not like it does anything anyways

We have groups/teams dedicated to enforcing our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Security & Enforcement Policy across both console and PC. - I understand that "LOL nothing is done" is a popular reaction, but it's inaccurate.

Will pass this along. Feel free to tag me, like this /u/FoxhoundFPS, for reports.

23 Apr

Our Next Operation is Just Around the Corner

One week from today, Black Ops 4’s fourth Operation kicks into gear first on PS4, delivering new ways to play with a full season of fresh content coming to Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout. Watch for a detailed Operation roadmap, reveal trailer, and Treyarch studio livestream in the coming days as we prepare for the next evolution of Black Ops 4.

And for all those Prop Hunt fans out there... see you next week.

Deathmatch Domination Now Live on All Platforms

Our newest Multiplayer game mode is now available in the Featured category on all platforms as we near the final days of Operation Gran...

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Originally posted by maxipencilz

thank you!

A quick update that I just shared your image to our timeline with proper photo credit too. Thank you for making Black Ops 4 art and keep up the great work!

22 Apr

Please bring back Hot Pursuit.

11 months ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hot Pursuit will be back tomorrow! We brought back Hardcore Blackout for fans of the mode and to give new players a chance to try it out during Free Access this month, and we'll continue to keep Blackout fresh with rotating LTMs in addition to the core playlists.

19 Apr

If you feel this way, you might have a pleasant surprise coming soon.

Worst glitch in the game right now

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by YouTube_oRemyy

Like run to a ladder and jump onto it. But press the hitting button in the air. (L3+X+R3)onto a ladder.

Got it. I'll pass this thread along as I have with others. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

When the mobility kicks in

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This was absolutely fantastic and I applaud the decision making. Even if some of it was "GET THE #### OUT OF DODGE," this was great. I had a similar bout with only one opponent and my heart was pumping, so I can't imagine how it was for you.

Worst glitch in the game right now

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by YouTube_oRemyy


I don't quite follow "hit the air before you land."

18 Apr

Clever and awesome! Just shot you a like from @Treyarch on Insta.

I'll pass this along to our team. - Please be sure to report these players for offensive language and consider disabling Match Text Chat in-game


Originally posted by Blackout-On-A-Bender


Thank you for tagging me.

Please stop these people(JitterMod)

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by AbsimUddin

Sorry I spelt his name wrong. Its joedread888. I edited the original comment too.

Thank you for your hard work. :)

Not a problem, but the real work is done by our enforcement team. They're great. :)

Please stop these people(JitterMod)

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by AbsimUddin

/u/FoxHoundFPS Can you kindly report this please? Username was joedread888

Absolutely. PlayStation 4 is your platform, right?

Always shoot till the last bullet

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

17 Apr

Originally posted by JusticeOfKarma

u/treyarch_official Thank you for specifying that changes to guns in Multiplayer carry over to Zombies - or at least they did in this scenario. Here's to hoping that this continues to be a trend in patch notes.

We always try to note which modes are affected by weapon tuning changes -- you can expect to continue to see this level of detail in notes going forward.

Originally posted by PlunderBigBooty

If anyone knows the devs, please reach out. This is the kind of idiot that creates a toxic, hostile environment for everyone he plays with. Absolute cancer in the gaming community. Persons name is [usuk]TheDuder .

What you don't see is him threatening to team kill Dizzy earlier in the match because he didn't have a mic, then tried to do so. Dizzy got the jump on him. No, i don't think this is the streamer dizzy.

[Edit]: *because he didn't have a mic

[Edit2]: Since people are not watching the video, he team killed both me & my teammate. Start at 2:45. This is just a part of the match, this goes on the for the rest of the match (i actually didn't realize it was him who was shooting at me till he finished me off). I did not fight back at all.

I've passed this along to the team to take a look.

Free Arsenal Sandstorm Map

As we put the finishing touches on three additional Multiplayer maps launching with our next Operation later this month for Black Ops Pass holders, we’re excited to release our newest alternate-weather map free for all players: Arsenal Sandstorm.

Hot on the heels of Contraband Hurricane, Arsenal Sandstorm is our most intricate map makeover yet in Black Ops 4. Players will need to adapt their playstyles to waves of sand sweeping across the environment, with limited visibility throughout the facility encouraging shorter-ranged engagements. We’re excited to see how player strategies will evolve on Arsenal Sandstorm, now in rotation on all ...

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15 Apr

Originally posted by vol4lyfe123

If barebones gets removed, I won't be playing anymore.

Happy to report that you will see it in the Featured section tomorrow alongside Infected.

Originally posted by RachelOfFate

i was 690-ish & stuck there for a weeks before you added bare bones & after bare bones, i'm now 775. i almost ranked up 100 times because of how good it felt to play. it looks like you're removing it from what i read & i'm sorry but you guys have lost your minds at treyarch. you were just starting to add great things to bo4 & now you're taking it away & will be adding even more specialists. like.. are you guys high or something? This is what made people leave. I even tried playing a match on PS4 & raged so hard because of the bs cheese.. it's what made me not want to even touch this game..when i took so long off. i'm beating a dead horse. barebones is the only reason i still played. it's the only playlist i stayed in. omg..

Barebones currently lives in our Featured playlist rotation and will remain there for the time being. You will see it there tomorrow alongside Infected.

Originally posted by artreid

Is barebones staying?

Yes. Barebones is staying.

Our next Curated Playlists update arrives tomorrow, April 16th, and we plan to include the following changes.

Match Start Requirements

To further improve wait times in non-peak hours, we are reducing the minimum number of players required to start a match in the following Moshpits: Core Mercenary Deathmatch, Core Objective, Hardcore Deathmatch, and Hardcore Objective.

We believe this will help players across all regions and time zones get into matches quicker to spend more time playing. We will continue to monitor your feedback and watch the wait time data.

New Lone Wolf Moshpit

Whether you're an army of one or waiting for your crew, we believe this new playlist will fit right into your schedule. We're blending Free For All, One In The Chamber, Gun Game, and Heist together into our brand new Lone Wolf playlist. No parties allowed.

Read on below for more details:


  • Core Playl...
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14 Apr

Just Really Good Gaming Socks

12 months ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thank you for tagging. If we could, let's try to make report threads have an identifier on them. Even if it's as simple as Hacker: Just Really Good Gaming Socks

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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