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I have two questions . How is it that ppl find the hidden content in this game like where mounts spawn . smugglers . Chests . Is it purely by chance and its slowly passed out through guilds and then becomes common knowledge or is it leaked by Dev's on discord/reddit/twitch/yt.


Could this new weapon crap just be no one has found this secret npc Hidding in a hole somewhere and only showing up for 25 seconds once a week on a Wednesday only when the date is the same forward as backward and the moon is in the fourth quarter and your uncle burt has a new girlfriend 🤔😉.

I'm trying to love this game but Jesus christ they make it hard .

Peace ✌.

Generally it's someone finds a thing, tells their guild about it and then it spreads as a rumor until someone decides to get to the bottom of it and a network of people test everything and camp everywhere to get the details. And then it's a lot of guesswork and we're never 100% sure we have it all right. Sometimes someone has a contact with devs or publishers that leaks and gets the ball rolling Your hidden hole NPC theory could be a thing :p

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Playing this game for over year now, it's straight RNG.. You're right, grinding is a necessary frustration with little to no rewards. Your reward is the hope RNG works out for you eventually..

The video you reference towards the end, I think I saw with Ling, Karma, Luke etc.. I just saw a normal AHOTE fight, didn't know they had Ancient weapons and I'm laughing at your suggestion that they're not stressing over them because whhhhyyyyyy?! I guess us old schoolers know better. Why is there a rush for these weapons they clearly said weren't going to be ready (in some form/reason) for months. Yea I get it, why introduce nuggets and teasers. Probably because of the obsession of "WE WANT MORE!!" or "I WANT TO BE THE BEST". People need to just chill out a little.

You can get an S weapon, S belt, S gloves and S Helm now. What more power do people need that wasn't introduced in the timed dungeons to give them a little happiness?

To me, to base happiness with this game on a mission clearly not ready/refined yet is new people hope/stuff.. As you're implying "F### Ancient Weapons", or just chill out and let things play out.

If you know the games history, this stuff is not a surprise.

They didn't say they wouldn't be ready, they said they would take months to upgrade. The design doesn't make clear if things are bugged or designed to be the way they are.

Just saying if you got to try one out and they are as awesome as the hype led us to believe, then you'd be rushing to get your hands on one for your actual character. They must not have been that great. Knowing people who got to test them don't care gives the impression they aren't worth trying for.

I'm not trying to get mine either. I expected there to be issues so I haven't even started the quest. I'm just not ok with all the bullying and butt-hurtedness this broken design is at the root of. I'm also just taking it easy and enjoying myself.

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Understood, and I understand releasing things that are incomplete. Like I'm annoyed they haven't released Red Paetion's yet, but yet they require it to upgrade with Master S gear. Just another "this is the game (wall) until we drip out content" approach.

What they really need to prioritize is giving us a fun repeatable activity that both PVE and PVP players can enjoy that we can do while we wait for new content. So much better than just staring at a wall