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Hey guys,

Recently started playing and im hooked to the game but there's just so much to do and so little time to play. Can anyone give me some guidance as to where my priorities should be.

Theres campaign quests, side quests, region quests, daily bosses, weekly bosses, union quests on top of that gathering, mining, crafting, invasions, crusades, dungeons etc.

Can someone advise me an order of the best things to do daily?

Many thanks.

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13 days ago - /u/TheMinion256 - Direct link

Until you get to the end, campaign quests should be top priority. Remember to do your daily seed exchanges, and most important after that, reputation dailies 3 times each for every faction you have access to until you reach honored reputation, and then you switch to doing the prestige quests instead.

Beyond that, pick a personal goal like completing a campaign (not the quests, but ones in your menu), and try to complete your bless pass objectives