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10 Sep

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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As you may have heard we have two issues related to our anti-cheat, one which is that some files may remain after the game has been uninstalled and the other being that in rare cases the anti-cheat doesn’t exit when you close the game.

We have been working on fixing these issues as fast as we can and we now present 2 solutions for the uninstall issue.


For the anti-cheat uninstall issue we have now deployed a fix to Steam so that the anti-cheat services should be uninstalled when the game uninstalls.

I have already uninstalled the game, what can I do?

We have created a Windows script that will remove the anti-cheat services. Please see the following support article and follow the steps: Read more
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Hello Bloodhunt community!

We heard from you loud and clear that you feel that our XP earn rate is too slow and grindy. Now that we’ve been able to evaluate battle pass progress in a live environment with real players, we totally agree with you.

So we are happy to tell you that we have been working very hard to implement new, fairer XP values.

When we settled on the current balance prior to the release of the game, we had intended for the battle pass to last for most of a season if you are a moderately active player. The values we selected were based on internal testing and we fully expected they would need adjustment. Ultimately, our goal is a fun, rewarding experience that respects players’ time.

For full transparency, here are the modified values:

Player Scoring Events Old Value New Value Assist 20 50 Downed player 20 100 Diablerized player 100 600 Eliminated player 50 200
... Read more
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Hello South American Bloodhunt community!

Since we launched our game in the Steam Early Access Program, we have seen quite a lot of players from South America playing our game.

With this in mind, we would like to evaluate if adding South American servers will improve the experience for the players in this region and see if there are enough players to have dedicated servers in the region.

We are happy to announce that starting right now we have enabled LATAM servers which are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We hope that our South American players will be able to help us put pressure on these servers and also spread the word about our game so that you can have a fast-matchmaking experience.

Additionally, we also rolled out an update to our global matchmaking system which now looks for Bloodhunt matches outside of your region if your local region is currently low on players and it's taking a long time (2.5 minutes) to get matches going. ... Read more

09 Sep

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