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Jaeyun, the newest Legend, has discovered new riches and sights in Valhalla! The legendary mercenary who has travelled across the Old Kingdom brings the newest Weapon, the Greatsword, and also wields a Sword to battle in the Grand Tournament. Jaeyun is the 50th new Legend and has joined the roster permanently!

Jaeyun enters with 3 new Skins: - Hanbok Jaeyun – “Nothing traditional here.” - Gilded Glory Jaeyun – “For glory and riches…or maybe just riches.” - Death Jester Jaeyun – “Laugh ‘till it hurts.”


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Brawlhalla - Jaeyun Launch Trailer
Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla! This mercenary is the first Legend to use the new weapon, the Greatsword. Discover Brawlhalla, one of the most played fighting game ...