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It's important to understand that missing assets isn't something you NEED to fix. Actually considering your RAM is showing in red (mean full) you probably shouldn't fix all of those.

Missing assets are typically props or trees used in decorating buildings, which you are subscribed to. The buildings work just fine without, they just look a little different. If you aren't specifically bothered about these being missing, don't get them. Just ignore the list of missing items as it loads. Since all assets you are subscribed to use up RAM, you will eventually run out and your game will crash. So try to keep subscriptions to a minimum. :)

If there are some things you want to get, then the Loading Screen Mod can generate a list of all the missing assets with links to them on the workshop, so you can easily find and subscribe to the ones you are looking for. But missing assets aren't a bad thing in itself. They're just missing. :)
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Originally posted by numaleon: Thanks! I have only 8GB RAM and the game is ok. For now...
I'm a big fan of your stuff. I will do that but without unsubscribing from any of your articles :D

It's always great to hear my stuff is useful! ^^ Don't feel bad unsubbing any of it though - even I'm not subscribed to all of my own content. :P

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