about 2 months ago - Avanya - Direct link
The link to the asset will help us determine if it's a problem with it specifically. It might not be, but it's the easiest place to start.

You can post a screenshot to a site like https://imgur.com/ or you can upload it to a cloud drive. If it was taken with F12 and Steam, you can even upload it here by going to the game in your library and scrolling down until you see the screenshots on the right.
about 2 months ago - Avanya - Direct link
It sounds like there's something else at play here. The best way for us to help is for you to share your output log somewhere. This guide explains where to find it and suggests some sites to upload to. Some of them don't even require you to set up an account, so it's pretty easy to do. Just post a link to the log here and I'll have a look.

about 2 months ago - Avanya - Direct link
Can you upload the file somewhere instead please? Paste.ee is really impractical to look through these long logs on. It's so much easier for me if you just upload the .txt file somewhere, so I can download it and only look at the raw text file.
about 2 months ago - Avanya - Direct link
I will need a log from right after you've had the error and the giant boat appeared. :)

I did spot some old mods though that should be removed.

- Ploppable RICO - get Ploppable RICO Revisited instead
- Painter - get Repaint instead
- Pause on load - this is an option in the game, so just remove this mod
- Advanced Toolbar - use More Advanced Toolbar or Resize It instead
- Water Color Changer - honestly not sure about this one, but I know Environment Colors Changer works
- No More Purple Pollution [Brown Water] - use No More Radioactive Desert and more instead
- No More Purple Pollution - use No More Radioactive Desert and more instead
- More Beautification - use Find It instead

Remove those mods, get the replacements and make sure to enable the replacements. Then restart the game and try to load the save with the giant boat problem. Then upload the output log somewhere again and link to it, so I can have another look and hopefully get some idea of where that giant boat is coming from. :)
about 2 months ago - Avanya - Direct link
Good news is the boats you linked earlier definitely got removed from your game again, so they aren't the cause of the giant boat at least.

Do you have any other ships/boats from the workshop? Or did you add anything else in the same time frame as this started happening?

I still see the mods mentioned above in that log. Did you unsubscribe them and restart the game? If yes, try restarting Steam as well. It might not be updating your subscriptions.

Links in this thread

Steam Community :: Guide :: Log files (output_log.txt or Player.log)
The game log file contains details of errors and other information that can help track down the exact cause of any problems you have with the game. When reporting bugs you should always share it.

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