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Hey @Lexior1

There’s currently no plans for that feature on the initial implementation of the server transfer feature currently available on Testlive.
However, we will send a suggestion to add this possibility and see how viable it could be. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending us your feedback, and if you have given the 2.4 Testlive build a try, feel free to send us any more feedback or report any issues you might find!

Edit: Derp, fixed a typo.

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Yes, that is the suggestion that we’ve sent to our team and we’re evaluating it. If implemented, it would be limited to jumping between the possible savegames/databases one can have while playing in single player mode (EL and Siptah), and not to or from official/private servers for obvious reasons.

The reason why it was not contemplated for single player in the first place is that normally in online play, to recreate a character one has to start from scratch and play/grind back to where they were originally, with RNG thrown into the mix (unless being an admin and/or having access to the database). In single-player, albeit clunky, it is possible to workaround this with a little of patience. Other theories or possible reasons thrown on this thread are, to be fair, a little on the far-fetched side.

This whole feature and its implementation has been a long-term task that has taken a ton of hours of work to implement, and just now we’re reaching the end of that line where we can start focusing on considering adapting it to out-of-scope or foresighted scenarios.

So, to sum it all in a TLDR way: We recognize the QoL benefits of this addition and it’s being considered to expand the initial scope of the server transfer feature. It’s not guaranteed it will come, but we’ll do our best to contemplate the feasibility of it and add it to the game if possible.

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So this is probably going to be my last quip in this thread, as its most important points have been addressed above. But I just wanted to add a couple of clarifications to some topics mentioned in the thread.

Nobody is treated as a “lesser class of people”. This claim is wild and very heartbreaking to read. Hyperbolic or not, it’s something that has come up twice and I wanted to address it. Please, even if as a matter of speech, do not use this wording.

Just to reiterate, game balance is not the reason for the lack of implementation of this feature for single player. More on that on my last paragraphs below.

This, along with the notion of considering single players as “lesser” leads me to believe that the scope and intention of this feature is being misinterpreted. I believe some of the conclussions reached when considering this a stab to single player are based on the assumption this feature is a kind of free (as in, at any time), back and forth, seamless method of transportation between maps.

This feature is not a free-travel portal between one map and another at any moments notice. It requires an exchange of credentials between two servers or databases, where some limited data is transferred thanks to the use of an intermediary, in this case a cloud-based server that handles the information transaction. That is, there is an exchange between two game servers where a character ID, along with some datatable values are shared thanks to a third data server. The game was not made with multi-map traveling in mind, so we had to find the better alternative in order to allow some sort of transfer of characters without incurring into data losses or corruption of data. Even at the moment of this writing, there is active work done on this feature even for online play, where our team is trying to squeeze the feature to its utmost to see how much information during this transfer can be feasibly shared. This is why there is not a proper full announcement for this feature, other than the patchnotes mention. This is an actively worked feature, even on its original, limited scope, at this very moment.

So, as a final note to my addressing the concerns, please let me ask you all to wait until we release the announcement of this feature with all its details, limitations and ways to access it before making any assumptions.

Once again, thank you all for the suggestion and feedback shared. It is being evaluated as we speak as we agree this would be a great QoL addition to single player and listen servers (co-op) worth the try to modify the server transfer tools so they can be used in other modes than online. We do love you, single-player Exiles, which is why we will do our best to make this happen if we find a way to do so.