21 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

We are planning on bringing the servers down shortly tonight to address some database issues that we suspect are linked to some server instability we’ve seen recently.

Obviously, we don’t like bringing the game down in primetime but it’s better than letting it go on and potentially get even worse. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

We’ll keep you updated!

21 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

The servers are currently down for emergency maintenance. We expect to be down for at least 1 hour, possibly longer. Please watch this thread or join our Discord for updates.

21 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Servers are back online. We’ll probably have to do additional database cleanup later this week or early next week, so expect another scheduled maintenance in the near future. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again for the sudden downtime.

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