5 months ago - Dana - Direct link

New 3.0.4 Patch notes below:


Exploit Fixes1800×200 15 KB

  • An exploit regarding the crafting system has been fixed.

Building and placeable fixes1800×200 20.8 KB

  • The Arcane Bookcase was able to get more items than it was supposed to. This has now been fixed and the item has been changed to its normal values.

Crafting fixes1800×200 17.1 KB

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the usage of the illusory items obtained from ‘Illusion Scroll - Khitain Captain’

General Bugfixes1800×200 17.7 KB

  • Illusions previously applied to an item will now not show if you equip them without owning the entitlement, as intended.
  • Gurnakhi and Fiend armor would turn appendages invisible. This has now been fixed. We are sorry for the trauma.