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I was actually quite literally coughing pretty badly the past couple weeks, so sorry I’ve been absent. I’m finally recovered now (wasn’t covid, but some other nasty lung infection). We’re not planning on a Halloween sale this year but some of the Halloween quests should be active as of today. If you find any issues please let me know. Thanks!

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Game dev is a mysterious and complicated process even to the actual developers at times and weird things happen all the time, unfortunately. I do apologize for the confusion this year, between getting sick and a couple things changing around here internally as well as my own form of organization in a bit of disarray recently.

It’s not much of an excuse I figure, but might as well mention it. In any case, the seasonal missions By the Light of the Moon, Thirst of the Serpent God, and The Shambling Plague should now be available again as of yesterday and will be available until November 11.

Thanks! Apart from a residual cough I’m all better now, but it was quite a harrowing experience when I was sick. I’m unfortunately prone to respiratory infections which often progress to pneumonia and such every few years, so I guess this year was the time.

Underrated posts, lol.

Do not eat or drink the horse paste!