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I just made a small test version, which hopefully will address two of the issues we have (mods downloading timeout and external IP monitoring), but since 1) I never experienced the time outs and 2) my IP never changes, it was kind of difficult to test.

So please, @ErynLyn @hoangducdt @domyz and anyone else having similar issues, you could you gie a shot at this version and tell me if that helps (or if it does not work at all)?

1.3.6 (11 january 2021)

  • Added “validate” to each of the +workshop_download_item command sent to SteamCMD, hopefully this will help with timeouts on large mods
  • The launcher now monitors the External IP every 10 minutes and signals when it changes
    Dedicated Server Launcher 1.3.6
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I just realized I still have the “Close Steam” check box on the server launcher.

I guess since the FLS Exiles deployment, this is not required anymore? There are no more conflicts between the game server and the Steam client?

So I guess it’s fine to remove from the UI?

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Could you try with this version?

1.3.7 (13 january 2021)

  • Modified the server update detection code to use the “buildid” field of the ACF files instead of the timestamps to avoid problems when switching between two branches where the same build has been deployed being detected as an update.
    Dedicated Server Launcher 1.3.7

I did a quick test and got that:

Conan Exiles - DedicatedServerLauncher 1.3.7
Bias: -60 
UTC  : 2021.01.20 07.43.21 | Romance Daylight Time:-60
Local: 2021.01.20 08.43.21 | Romance Standard Time:0

#443030 (Conan Exiles Dedicated Server)
Install=2021.01.08 11.44.42 (Build 5995489)
UPDATE=2021.01.19 12.47.06 (Build 6084789)
#1402835318 (WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles)
Install=2021.01.08 11.46.16 UPDATE=2021.01.09 00.45.00
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Ok, then it will be probably be gone in some near future version.
Less code, less butons, less things to keep working and explain to people :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

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Ok, cool, thanks :slight_smile:

I’l let you test it a little longer, and if nobody finds catastrophic issues, I’ll push it to “new official” tomorrow or the day after that.

Possibly, I’m doing pattern matching, so if I find any of these strings in the log, it gets shown in the PlayerLog:

  • ChatWindow:
  • Join succeeded:
  • Login request:
  • PreLogin failure:
  • VerifyIdentity Completed:

If you can find a 100% certain correct element in the log that I can use to detect a character leaving, with relevant display information, just say, and I’ll add it. (can also be anything else useful related to players, and same thing for the other sections - like mods -)

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Normally CTRL-A + CTRL-C should work, at least last time I tried it did.