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Hey there,

The starting point for this threads seems to stem from the assumption you are required to play on Testlive. This is as far from the truth as it can be. Testlive servers are totally optional, nobody is required to play on them nor ever will be.
We revamped Testlive’s importance based on feedback received about its loss of relevance since the full launch. Since then, we used it to give an early look to the bigger content patches and gather some early feedback, and also spot some issues only present in a live environment. The majority of our testing is held internally and through our internal QA, where the majority of bugs are caught and dealt with.
Then again, this is totally optional.

This is answering to the possible case this thread was created with any other intention than stirring any possible flames, which we doubt, based on the subsequent conversation and narrative shoehorned into this thread.

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