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about 1 year ago - Corepunk - Direct link

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24s Hello, everyone! Today we are going to tell you about the resource gathering
27s and item crafting systems in Corepunk. That means, we’re talking professions.
36s So, Corepunk has 4 crafting professions and 4 resource-gathering professions.
41s First let’s talk about the basic principles of how professions work
45s and then a little bit about each of them individually.
57s When practicing any type of profession, the player receives experience not only to develop their skill in that profession
64s but also to level up the hero   
66s Each profession in the game has 3 mastery levels.
69s By increasing the mastery level, the player receives a new title:
73s at level 1 you’re a Beginner, at Level 2, you are Advanced,
78s and finally at level 3 you become a Master.
311s In terms of game design, we’re not always advocates of rigid distinctions.  
316s More often than not, we favor mechanics where there is a choice  
319s and that choice has both positive and negative consequences.
322s The player can practice all kinds of gathering and crafting professions
327s by gathering and crafting most of the items in the game
330s but players can only gather the rarest resources
333s and craft the best items if they focus on one gathering profession
337s and one crafting profession.
340s To do this, in addition to the mastery levels mechanic,
343s every profession in the game also has its own efficiency.
347s What’s efficiency?
349s Well, profession efficiency increases as you practice that profession,
354s but your efficiency in the other professions decreases.
363s Simply put, the more you practice the same profession,
366s the more effective you are at it.
368s Just as the 4 gathering professions have a shared efficiency
372s so do the 4 crafting professions as well.
400s So, when gathering resources, the efficiency only increases
404s if you gather a resource corresponding to the level of that profession -
408s – you are thus rewarded for gathering resources that are challenging to your character at that time.
415s Let’s review a short example.
417s If you pay attention to the icons of the gathering professions to the left
421s you will see their efficiency around the icons.
424s Let’s cut the tree down.
433s This improved efficiency decreases   
435s if you use another gathering profession so, once again, specializing is key.
443s As for crafting, its efficiency will only increase if the player crafts
447s an item whose gear score is high enough relative to their profession level.
463s Excellent. Please note how the efficiency has changed:
467s Logging has risen while Herbalism efficiency has dropped.
471s Efficiency decreases for the profession that has not been used the longest.
476s It is important to note that the higher the mastery level and efficiency of the profession,
481s the more difficult it will be for the player to switch professions,
484s since the player will have to gather rarer resources
487s and craft higher level items to increase their efficiency,
494s assuming that the player’s goal is maximum efficiency for the chosen profession.
499s It will be hardest to do after you reach your hero’s level cap in the end game.
504s The player receives various bonuses and perks for mastery levels and increasing efficiency.
528s Let’s talk about the resource gathering professions first:
531s Mining, Logging, Herbalism, and Butchery.
535s For example, when it comes to the gathering professions,
538s as the mastery levels up, opportunities to mine higher-level veins get unlocked,
543s the overall chance of finding a resource increases,
546s and there are additional gathering sessions for gathering a resource
550s Meanwhile, efficiency can affect the chance of receiving a rarer resource,
554s or can reduce the chance of failure.
566s The process of gathering in the game is quite simple and intuitive.
571s The player needs to find something worthy and start gathering a resource.
578s An interface bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, displaying the process.
583s While the bar is moving, the player has a chance of receiving one of the resources.
587s There can be a wide variety of resources in a single spot,
591s from the most common, to very rare.
594s When you find a resource, you receive a corresponding pleasant notification.
600s You never know how lucky you might be... or unlucky.
604s The player may find nothing. It happens!
606s But even if you manage to find a resource, don’t relax just yet:
610s there is always a small chance of failing and losing your loot.
614s Yes, that happens too…
638s Mining has 3 tiers of veins: metal, polymetal and ancient.
643s With an increase in the tier of the vein, the chance of getting more resources increases,
648s for example, you can get not one ore, but two at once,
652s and even more from the vein of the third tier.
655s The rarer the resource, the higher the vein required to mine it.
659s Epic resources can only be mined from Tier 3 veins.
662s In Mining, the player can mine ores of various metals,
666s crystals, nuggets, ancient fossils, just to name a few.
1103s Logging is about taking advantage of the trees
1106s that have the strongest and deepest root systems;
1108s those trees have roots that reach deep enough underground
1111s to access lakes of precious mana.
1114s Such trees are rare in the forests of Kwalat.
1117s These trees also fall into three tiers;
1120s Magic Tree, Old Magic Tree and Ancient Magic Tree.
1124s The higher the tier of the magic tree,
1126s the higher the chance of getting a larger and more precious resources.
1130s From trees, we can get magic wood, which has unique qualities of hardness,
1135s and campfires from such wood have special effects,
1138s like restoring strength and energy reserves to living beings.
1144s You can also get various types of resins, bark, feathers and even honey.
1182s If you pursue Herbalism profession,
1184s you’ll be collecting resources from large and dense Kwalat bushes.
1188s Such bushes are whole ecosystems that live by their own rules,
1193s and the older and larger the bush, the more valuable resources it may contain.
1197s Bushes also come in three tiers - Thick Bush, Old Bush and Ancient Bush.
1203s The larger the bush, the more complex the life that flows within it
1207s and, accordingly, the more expensive and rare the resources it can yield.
1211s A lot of different useful resources can come from these bushes
1215s - herbs, plants, insects, berries and many more.
1543s The specialist in Butchery skillfully dissects animal carcasses,
1548s retrieving organs intact ready for crafting.
1551s But not all animal carcasses are suitable or of value.
1555s The creatures of Kwalat lead hard and brutal lives,
1558s so that often, the organs and body parts retrieved
1561s have pathologies that render the components extracted unsuitable
1565s for use in craft machines.
1567s Animals may sustain injuries in the hunt
1570s that despoil the resources that they could have yielded.
1572s Those experienced in Butchery, though,
1574s can identify those carcasses most suitable for butchering,
1578s and the most experienced are able to identify the bodies of animals
1582s that have grown in ideal natural conditions
1584s and may offer up the highest quality materials for collection.
1588s Carcasses come in the lower, middle and prime categories.
1593s In the Butchery profession, you are able to acquire bones, vertebrae,
1597s living blood, eyes, cartilage and many other grisly resources from these animals…
1612s Usually the best veins are the hardest to find.
1615s But once again, you’ll know that the effort has been worthwhile
1619s when a vein yields up the very rarest of resources,
1622s allowing you to craft the very best in-slot items.
1625s And of course, if you are outside the safe zone, in the wasteland,
1629s don't get too relaxed.
1983s The world of Kwalat is a tough place,
1986s especially outside the city walls and safe zones, out in the wastelands.
1990s Dangerous, yes, but also supremely profitable.
1994s You never know what will be waiting for you around the next corner:
1997s rare loot or some terrifying new enemy.
2000s If you encounter an enemy camp,
2002s be sure you have what it takes to finish the job before you dive in.
2006s Maybe alone, picked off one by one, these guys would’ve been easy targets.
2011s But working in a group as they do, they present a serious threat,
2015s even to the most seasoned warriors.
2132s After a tough fight, it's best to rest for a bit and recover.
2136s Going out into the wastelands,
2138s roaming and looting means you have to be prepared to fight at any time.
2141s But anything valuable you find is going to count for nothing
2145s if you can't bring it back in one piece.
2147s Therefore, a smart player checks their inventory often.
2151s A stockpile of painkillers, and plenty of campfire kits:
2155s these things can make the difference between life and death.
2191s It is also equally important to note that resources, and items in general,
2196s are gathered in Corepunk not only from veins, trees, bushes and carcasses.
2205s You can find resources, artifacts, and consumables,
2209s including very rare ones, in drops all over the world.
2221s Try searching corpses, breaking barrels and crates,
2224s ransacking abandoned houses, exploring points of interest,
2228s opening secret chests, killing mobs etc.
2232s With any type of activity,
2234s you have an opportunity to receive loot and perhaps even skins.
2238s But of course, if we are talking about resources,
2241s it’s much more profitable to do it through gathering.
2382s Let’s talk about the crafting professions.
2384s Corepunk, as we said before, has 4 crafting professions:
2388s Construction, Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, and Mysticism.
2393s The crafting professions in Corepunk have their own unique sets of permanent upgrades
2398s that don’t overlap with any of the other professions.
2401s There are minor exceptions in regard to some temporary buffs though;
2405s for instance Alchemy and Mysticism can both produce temporary buffs and item upgrades.
2415s The attribute buffs a hero can gain from artifacts are unique to those artifacts;
2420s you can not get these parameters permanently anywhere else,
2424s while Weaponsmith characteristics and upgrades
2426s are only unique to Weaponsmithing, no exceptions.
2433s In this way, you cannot permanently stack Attack Power or Spell Power in all systems at once.
2440s Limited-time buffs are not taken into account, though.
2443s Every crafting profession has its own unique bonus that affects the hero’s gameplay.
2449s We will tell you about them a little bit later.
2451s When the hero reaches Level 40,
2453s all profession bonuses are only active if the player has achieved 100% efficiency in the given profession.
2878s Next, a little bit about Itemization.
2880s Most items in the game have 4 grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic;
2886s however, there are also Legendary items out there,
2890s but they are extremely rare… oh yes, indeed!
2893s Items are divided into tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and so on.
2898s Items are also divided into two kinds: ‘Bind on pickup’ and ‘Bind on equip’.
2904s This does not apply to consumables.
2907s ‘Bind on pickup’ items cannot be exchanged between players,
2911s but ‘Bind on equip’ items, if they have not yet been used,
2915s can be exchanged without restrictions.
2918s Items in Corepunk have a gear score calculated depending on that item’s power.
2922s The scaling and characteristic values,
2925s as well as the chances of triggering effects on items, randomly roll within their set values.
2931s Items in the game don’t break and they have no durability rating.
2935s During crafting, the player always has an opportunity to craft a higher quality item
2940s (up to Epic).
2941s As you would expect, items become stronger as their grade increases,
2945s with different types of items having different kinds of buffs.
2948s For example, artifacts have an additional characteristic added
2952s to the secondary basket as their grade increases,
2956s while weapons have an additional upgrade slot added as their grade increases.
2960s Chips and runes with a higher grade have their effect scaling increased,
2965s and Alchemy consumables can be crafted with a quantity exceeding 1.
2969s As an item tier increases,
2971s it expands the upper limits within which the effect values can roll too.
3015s Let’s move on to crafting.
3017s Crafting items is simple.
3019s In Corepunk, almost all items are crafted using the same, simple principle.
3023s A Tier 1 item is crafted first, from looted resources.
3027s In order to craft Tier 2 or higher items,
3030s the player needs to use items of the previous Tier as resources,
3034s plus additional, rarer resources that a Tier 2 recipe requires.
3039s But items used for crafting must be Uncommon.
3042s To start crafting, you need to be at the appropriate profession workbench,
3046s open the crafting menu, have a recipe for the required item,
3050s and also have the required amount of resources
3053s As soon as you start crafting an item,
3056s the crafting bar will appear in the UI window below,
3059s just as with the gathering professions.
3061s In the process of crafting, the player always has a chance
3065s to craft an item of better quality than the recipe generates by default, or,
3069s in the case of Alchemy,
3070s a chance to generate more than one of whatever consumable you’re concocting.
3083s Just like with the gathering professions,
3085s there are special bonuses in the crafting professions as your mastery levels up.
3090s iIn contrast to the gathering professions, though,
3092s where the bonuses are shared between all professions,
3096s every crafting profession has its own unique set of bonuses that affect the hero’s gameplay.
3102s That said, there are several ways to craft one and the same item.
3107s To craft certain items with a higher gear score
3109s you will require the maximum level of profession efficiency.
3113s Some items can be crafted without a workbench, such as Campfire or Roll a Joint.
3119s Special items will require the player to find a specialized rare workbench to craft them.
3219s Well, it’s about time we looked at the crafting professions themselves...
3223s Here’s the Construction profession— this is all about crafting artifacts,
3227s items that are inserted into the active panel on the hero’s screen.
3232s Artifacts have two baskets of characteristics: Primary and Secondary.
3238s The primary artifact basket carries basic characteristics in the game, such as Attack Power,
3244s Spell Power, Health, Mana, Armor, Magic Resist, Physical Crit Chance, and Magical Crit Chance
3252s The secondary basket carries a set of characteristics
3255s that includes such parameters as cooldown reduction, buff duration,
3259s vision radius, increased area effects, increase control duration,
3264s tenacity, health regeneration, mana regeneration, and many more.
3269s As the item quality increases,
3272s characteristics are added to the secondary basket.
3275s A Tier 1 artifact has one basic characteristic in the primary basket.
3279s The player can create Tier 2 artifacts,
3282s combining these characteristics with each other in any variation.
3286s And when creating a Tier 3 artifact,
3289s it is possible to combine 3 characteristics with each other in any variation.
3294s It is important to note
3296s that if the player uses artifacts of the previous Tier (Rare or higher) when crafting,
3301s they will receive additional characteristics in the secondary basket.
3310s As the Construction profession levels up,
3312s you receive a bonus for using artifacts.
3314s For example, the player will get +5% for using artifacts at Level 2,
3320s and +10% at Level 3.
3323s It’s also worth remembering that the bonus does not affect the crafting of an item,
3327s but rather the use of the item by the player, i.e. the characteristics of the item itself don’t change.
3390s Weaponsmithing is where the player crafts weapons
3393s and bio-organic chips which are essentially weapon upgrades.
3397s Weapons in the game have fixed stats: Damage Per Second (DPS),
3402s Weapon Damage, and Attack Speed.
3405s As the weapon Tier increases,
3407s it expands the limits within which these characteristics can be rolled.
3412s Weapons in Corepunk can be upgraded.
3414s It is through weapon upgrades
3415s that the most powerful weapons in the game can be acquired.
3420s As the grade increases, a weapon receives upgrade slots.
3424s The higher the quality of a weapon is, the more upgrade slots it has.
3429s Chips can be inserted into these slots.
3431s Every slot has its own bonuses that are rolled at random when you receive the weapon.
3436s To receive a slot bonus, the slot and the chip that is inserted must have the same icons.
3442s Chips can come in two variations: an advanced chip is inserted into an advanced slot,
3447s and a standard upgrade chip is inserted into a standard slot.
3452s Advanced chips have effects on weapons that are unique for this system,
3456s and can be triggered when dealing damage to an enemy.
3459s Every chip has either magic or physical effects.
3462s Standard upgrade chips, however, give an increase in stats, such as Attack Speed,
3468s Haste, Weapon Damage, Spell Power, Physical Crit Power, Magical Crit Power,
3474s Armor Penetration, and Magic Penetration.
3477s As mentioned previously, stats like these are unique for this system
3481s and cannot be permanently stacked anywhere else.
3484s Crafting weapons and their upgrades follows the same logic
3487s as with the Construction profession,
3489s and the other crafting professions in fact.
3492s So once again, to create a higher Tier item,
3495s you must have two Uncommon items of the previous Tier.
3499s If the player uses higher quality items (Rare or Epic items) for crafting,
3503s the weapon they will receive will have extra slots,
3507s and the advanced chip will have extra effects too.
3510s It’s time to look at an advanced chip and its effect.
3513s The Execute advanced chip will be used as an example.
3517s So here we took the best quality item
3519s that was crafted from two epic chips of the previous Tier 1.
3523s Here you can see all the possible effects.
3526s There is a mark on the chip that defines the effect of the chip.
3530s An advanced chip can be inserted into a slot with any mark and it will work,
3534s but you won’t get any slot bonus.
3537s In order to receive a slot bonus,
3539s it is important that the slot has the same mark as the chip.
3543s So, as you can see, this advanced chip has a proc chance and a proc condition.
3549s So let’s look at what the effects could be on this particular chip.
3553s Its main effect is that it gives you a chance to execute an enemy.
3556s The first additional effect “If the target dies, you will heal for 50% of the killing damage”
3563s appears if the chip has been crafted from two Rare Tier 1 chips.
3567s The second additional effect is “executes at 25%” improves the proc condition
3573s and appears if the chip has been crafted from two Epic Tier 1 advanced chips.
3579s Advanced chips have a limited number of charges; each time the effect is triggered,
3583s one charge is removed.
3585s The player can recharge an advanced chip in the inlay window.
3589s it’s a good idea to carry extra charges with you
3592s before an important foray into the world, and… just in general.
3602s Time to consider Profession Bonuses — in Weaponsmithing,
3605s as you move up the three mastery levels, you’ll see improvements in weapon efficiency.
3611s Time to give you the lowdown on The Synthesis Machine.
3614s This impressive device is needed to craft items beyond standard recipes,
3618s or to craft without a recipe.
3620s If the items used as ingredients are of a higher quality
3623s than those specified in a given recipe,
3626s The Synthesis Machine will produce for you an item that has additional bonuses.
3686s the synthesis machine can also improve the  quality of items you already have change their  
3691s characteristics re-roll their stats and even  alter an item's visuals to name just a few of  
3697s its other functions the synthesis machine has  two disadvantages though the first one is that  
3703s it's expensive to use for some operations  requires consumables that may be very rare  
3709s and the second one is that it's not fully  implemented yet so we can't show you how it  
3714s works right now you will see it in the beta  and we'll be able to try it out yourself
3723s skins play a big part in how your hero looks  though they are purely cosmetic and don't  
3728s change your hero's stats the synthesis  machine can be used to upgrade the Skins  
3732s you've got to do that you need upgrade  kits another rare resource in the game  
3738s first you put your lower grade skin item into the  synthesis machine before adding some upgrade kits  
3744s at this point if you want you have the option  to throw some valuable resources into the mix  
3750s and if you're lucky and get the combination  of resources as well as their respective  
3755s quantities right not only will you get a  higher grade skin but you will also end up  
3759s with a skin made of different materials giving  it a distinctive visual appearance usually you  
3765s can wear up to six skin items at once bodysuit or  underwear lower body upper body gloves and shoes  
3774s some skin items may take two or more slots at  once depending on their structure and Design  
3780s you can combine skin items from different skin  sets too to achieve exactly the look you're  
3785s going for there's literally millions of different  combinations you're free to express yourself and  
3791s this is just one of the many possibilities  that the synthesis machine opens up to you
3947s how are you I'm kind of busy here  with my job okay keeping all those  
3951s leaf and me and the officials happy  with my reports and new outworlders
3959s what is this place yeah I think that too real  nice place just keep your distance all right
3972s who are you sorry what what I can't hear  you in this suit the toilet is over there
3980s yes
3983s uh another virus spreader from the outside needs  a medical certificate well I couldn't care less  
3989s about what blues or plagues you brought here  from your world but others do you want to stay  
3994s here you have to get the shot but I'm not gonna  make the vaccine anytime soon so you'll have  
3999s to craft it yourself here's the recipe craft  the vaccine you can use my crafting table the  
4005s ingredients are outside of town inject yourself  and speak to me if you're still able good luck
4014s you know where to find me
4028s going for a Mosey yes yeah found the plants no  
4035s you out worlders are the worst all right take  the ingredients from my stash they're in the  
4041s chest right there speak to me when you've  made the vaccine and taken the shot thank you
4048s lovely
4059s yes yeah found the plants no listen stop  bothering me I saw you opening my chest  
4068s stop fooling around just make the vaccine and  take the damn shot I don't have time for this
4082s Steve ahead foreign
4106s everything is both simple and  interesting you'll get to craft  
4111s all kinds of consumables that give  temporary Buffs you'll be making  
4115s medicines vaccines and ointments as well as  rolling joints and doing a whole lot else  
4122s during crafting the Alchemy Master doesn't have to  contend with quality procs and worry about their  
4127s impact because these are consumable items and so  don't have different quality crates when crafting  
4134s Alchemy consumables though the player can get a  proc that might enable them to make two or three  
4139s consumables at once instead of one also every  consumable has a limited duration on its buff
4148s and the player will have to use a lot  more consumables in the next tier of  
4152s crafting to increase this duration the  reward will be a long lasting buff that  
4158s will come in handy when traveling  through the wildlands of kavalot  
4162s in core Punk the player can have several Alchemy  Buffs at the same time and the number of Buffs  
4167s that can take effect simultaneously depends on the  profession level with each new Mastery level the  
4174s number of alchemy Buffs used simultaneously will  increase a player who is focused on Alchemy will  
4180s feel more comfortable when exploring the most  difficult and harsh locations of the wildlands
4188s foreign
4198s let me look at you red eyeballs  dry lips swelling limbs yep worked  
4204s perfectly here's your certificate  now get the hell out of here already
4210s yeah bye bye
4219s full steam ahead
4230s foreign
4239s this profession is all about crafting runes runes  are upgrades for artifacts runes enable the player  
4246s to upgrade artifacts by placing Steals on them  seals add special mechanics to player gameplay  
4252s and in some cases can be a great addition  to a certain build or play style runes are  
4258s thus another important layer of progression and  hero building gameplay in the overall system the  
4265s player can upgrade items without restrictions  but the number of artifacts with Rune effects  
4269s that they can carry at the same time is limited  the principle of Rune effect is mechanically in  
4275s many respects similar to how advanced chips  work on weapons but unlike Advanced chips  
4281s runes have very different prop conditions  they are more permanent and more predictable  
4287s let's look at the Hedgehog Rune as an example  the main effect of this Rune is when struck by an  
4293s attack deal physical damage to the attacker as the  Rune grade increases so does the effect scaling  
4301s and as the tier increases it expands as with chips  the limits within which the effect values can be  
4308s rolled just as in the example with the advanced  chip we have two additional effects slows Enemy  
4315s by ten percent for one second appears on a rune  if it was made from rare Runes of the previous  
4320s tier and the second additional effect reduces  enemy attack speed by 15 for three seconds is  
4328s added if epic Tier 1 ruins were used during Rune  crafting the bonus of the mysticism profession is  
4335s that the higher the Mastery level is the more  equipped Rune artifacts the player can use
4342s thank you for watching
4349s sign up for beta at corepunk.com