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Please try the following:

- unsubscribe from all mods in BOTH the Steam Workshop and the Paradox mod site mods.paradoxplaza.com
- delete the folder Documents/Paradox Interactive/CK3/mod/
- delete the file Documents/Paradox Interactive/CK3/mods_registry.json (if present)
- delete the file Documents/Paradox Interactive/CK3/launcher-v2.sqlite (if present)
- run the game up and check the launcher is okay with no mod or other errors
- subscribe to a few mods

- run the game up and see if those mods are now available to you.

I hope that does it for you!  
6 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
Winter_Gab said: Hi, I finally could remove it, but even after that, with NO mod on my library ( I unsubcribed from all of those) the launcher remains on that loop, saying that it is loading the mods, I gave up and try to add my mods and this launcher was able to load some of them but not all, that same error keeps showing up. No idea, and the worst part is that I do not have any answer from Paradox, well, I think they believe that they will keep making money with me... guess what...
After removing that one, did you go through the steps in my post #2 above again?  

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