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Are you a fan of sleeper gaming PCs?

Do you yearn for the retrofuturistic experience of the original Cyberpunk?

Do you miss the good ol’ days when game installation was a ritual of its own?

Whichever of the above describes you best, then you’ll love the Floppy Edition of Cyberpunk 2077!

Nowadays, in the era of digital distribution, most PCs come with no drives. However, we also heard many voices from people within our community who love the vintage experience of manual installation. We get it! After all, CD PROJEKT started by distributing games on CDs.

That’s why we’ve decided to explore something you’ve been asking us for since even before the original release — Cyberpunk 2077 on floppy diskettes!

Embrace the ritual of classic game installation using 97,619 3.5” diskettes. Make sure to invite friends over and schedule shifts, as our initial estimations indicate that it might take about 2 months of non-stop diskette-swapping to finish.

Sounds awesome, right? It sure does! Follow the link below to wishlist the Floppy Edition! Be prepared for a truck delivery though!


See you in Night City!  
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20 days ago - Vattier - Direct link
PapaCyberpunk2077 said: Hey!!
Tbh this joke getting crazier for me 😅 i thought it was only 619 floppy disks then i knew it was a joke then read it's actually 97,000 disks 😂
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When stacked on top of one another, the floppy disc tower would be about the height of the Eiffel Tower (322m or 1050 feet)!