Planning a trip to Night City? Don’t worry, it’s not all guns, cyberpsychosis, and corporate sleaze — there are plenty of fun things to see and do in the City of Dreams beyond all the stuff you see in the headlines. So join us as we take you through a whistle-stop tour of different places, activities, and sights to behold in Night City, perfect if you’re just visiting for a short time or planning to stick around for the long haul!​

Best Places to Eat & Drink
If you’re looking for quality food and artisanal cuisine, the dark future of 2077 isn’t exactly ripe with it. Many Night Citizens get their grub from street-side SCSMs (vending machines to me and you), with food and drinks packaged in gaudy plastic. But eating isn’t the most important part of the experience, right? When you visit a new town, you wanna find the eateries and dives with the best atmosphere, the coolest style, or that “something special” you’ll remember for life. So here’s five must-visit locales — whether you wanna drown your sorrows, have a quick bite, or soak up the Night City vibes for yourself. Bon appetit!​
  • El Coyote Cojo — One of the main draws of this bar, located in the Glen, Heywood, is its owner — the beloved Mama Welles. Known and respected throughout the district, her bar also benefits from her reputation. The welcoming spirit of the place is its strength; with an open ground floor and a booth-laden mezzanine where you can enjoy a cerveza and a burger under the buzz and glow of tacky neon signs, El Coyote Cojo wears a colorful and tough facade — it’s deep in Valentino turf, after all. But try to cause any trouble and you’ll feel the wrath of Mama Welles for yourself. And if you need someone to lend an ear, gentle-giant Pepe the bartender is always on hand, with a shot of tequila ready and waiting, of course!

  • Afterlife — A legendary spot for legendary mercs, the Afterlife is one of the city’s most unique bars. It was originally a mortuary, and was converted way back in 2020. Over the years it’s gone by different names — such as “The Crypt” and “Hades” — and now as “Afterlife” it’s the place to be for gig hunters looking for street cred. If you manage to gain entry to this underground bar, located in Watson, be sure to browse the iconic selection of drinks. The macabre menu features c*cktails named after edgerunners who bit the dust in spectacular fashion. Friendly barkeep Claire will fill you in — and while you raise a glass, keep an eye out for some truly iconic fixers from Night City’s underground.
  • Dark Matter — If you’re looking for something elite, exclusive, and oh-so-corpo, Dark Matter is the club for you. Located in Japantown, Westbrook, this suave setting regularly plays host to high-profile celebrities and pop megastars. The lounge is dripping in style, with gold-colored booths providing a comfortable place to chill with a drink, a central stage in the center of the room, and a balcony offering a preem view of Night City’s skyline. But the true highlight is the terrace on the 42nd floor. Up here, more golden booths await, flanked by plants and a large, decadent bar — all setting the mood for some priceless panoramic views of Night City, including a direct line of sight to the affluent hills of North Oak. If you have the eddies (and the connections to actually get inside) Dark Matter is a prime spot to throw back some drinks and enjoy the majesty of the city from high in the sky.

  • Red Dirt — Prefer the grungy rock scene over the elegant corpo pizzazz? Then head on over to Arroyo, Santo Domingo, and check out Red Dirt. This bar is of some historical significance if you’re a chrome-rock fan — it’s where Johnny Silverhand’s band, Samurai, played their first gig back in the early 2000s! Today, Red Dirt is a great place to take in the booze-soaked atmosphere that permeates the local music scene. The stage is ready and waiting for a show, while loud rock blasts from the speakers. It’s far from the usual swanky bars of the City Center, with posters and flyers for gigs long-gone plastered to the walls, and a deep red neon sign outside leaving setting the tone before you step inside. Here, as you sip some budget beer, you can really feel like a blue-collar Night City native.