3 months ago - Vattier - Direct link

So you got me on your stupid show. I get it, can’t hook the big fish so you net something lower down the food chain. Makes the whole thing look real? Whatever, we all gotta eat. But I got you some street wisdom: wanna look real, try gettin real. Ain’t ever gonna get nowhere slummin’ with minnows.

Anyway, gangs. Yeah, gangs, ‘course they’re bad, what you think? But ain’t like we ever chose it. No chance. When corporat kids were getting shipped to private schools in gold AVs, I was praying at the dinner table that my dear dad would come home in a bag, filled with lead after some dumb street sh*t. Peeps in corpo plaza sit on heaps of eddies and sh*t on us for scraping whatever we can. We bust our asses and still end up rotting in the garbage anyway. City of dreams? God damn true. ‘Cause dreams ain’t ever real.