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Never considered myself the lucky few. Studied hard when I was a kid. Been workin’ hard since I joined the corpo. Guess I’m the kind of person who radiates peer pressure. Not gonna apologize for that, sorry. I even got my supervisor super competitive. He used to be choombae and all, faking up a big nice boss face, until he learned about my project. ’Cause it was a good project, ‘cause we were making good progress. Local nursing homes need our AI to keep runnin’, and the team was assigned to improve AI behavior to, and I’m quoting our PR here, “better support the elder citizen’s mental well-being.” He was tellin’ me I “moved too fast”, or I’d “overstepped”. Pretty sure I hadn’t, ‘cause I freakin’ love readin’ NDAs — and dancin’ around ‘em.

Note from Ziggy: Ditch this. Girl was kidnapped by the Scavs. Spiced up the content, but bossman killed it.