23 days ago - Vattier - Direct link

Back when I was a kid, the world was hella different. I mean, Night City was in shambles. The future? Stability? Felt like something for rich people. The Fourth Corporate War was pretty recent history, and everyone was still getting back on their feet. Nobody gave a damn about us – hell, they tried to make an example of our “resilience.” Yeah, like you get a prize for putting up with sh*t. We lived in shelters for a while. I remember walking miles every day just for clean water and something to eat. But you know what? We never gave up. People here know how to survive. Our own businesses started to rebuild, then the nomads joined. We got our order and stability. Eventually, my family even got a house with walls and a proper roof. We had tap water, frozen scop, all the benefits of modern civilization. Poor, resilient Night City was back. She’s got her issues, sure, but we’ll keep building, just like we always have. On our own terms, without sliding back into chaos. That’s why I joined the force.